Friday 25 October 2013

Why Not Try to DIY?

Hi there! Today I thought I'd share some quick crafty inspiration, from photos that I took on my travels. I'll apologise in advance for the fact that these probably aren't the best quality photos in the world, but they were taken on my iPod (why is it I never have a camera to hand when I see something truly AMAZE?).

Optical Illusion Painted Caravan

If I ever had a caravan, I would paint it like this. It looks like a cottage! Also, that sunflower requires absolutely zero nurturing - now that's my kind of plant.

Tape measure shoes

It might not be clear, but the bow on the front of these shoes is made from a tape measure. This would be easy to do, and would look especially good with a brightly coloured measure.

Furry shoes

Furry shoes
Yes, these really are furry shoes (from Marks and Spencer). I'm not even sure that I'd want to DIY these, but I'm kind of mesmerised by them. A bit creepy? Yes. And they look and feel just like my cat.
These are old board games hung on the wall like paintings. You would have to glue the pieces in place (and hang them straight - I can't stand wonky angles!). I've actually this somewhere before - in Sherlock, there is a Cluedo board hanging from the walls of 221b Baker St. Yes, I spotted that but I still can't work out how he killed himself!

This cardigan might be the most perfect thing I've ever seen. It's multi-coloured, spotty, stripy and it has CUPCAKE POCKETS! *Sigh*. OK, I've calmed down now.
What amazing DIY-worthy things have you seen recently? Have you ever tried anything similar to any of these?

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