Wednesday 2 October 2013

Vintage Children's Book: Angels by Pam Adams

I came across this charming vintage picture book in a second-hand book sale today. I fell in love with the bright colours and fun scenes, and so it made it's way home with me (where it met with some disinfectant wipes - it was very dusty!). 
The book is called "Angels" by Pam Adams, and consists of many vivid, lively pictures that I could gaze at all day. It actually doesn't have any words in it, and is meant for young children before they can read (unheard of today - I think the 70s had a more relaxed attitude when it came to learning).


Each scene is so busy and illustrated with such a lot of love. This scene in the kitchen could actually be from my childhood!
I'm already having brainstorms as to what I can use the thick cardboard pages for. I might frame them all if I find a large enough photo frame. Or another handmade notebook might even be on the cards.
For the time being though, it's simply brightening up my bookshelves, sitting next to all my highbrow books that I promise myself I will get round to reading someday.
Have you come across any lovely second-hand buys lately?

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