Tuesday 10 June 2014

What I'm Wearing - Checked Denim and Cut Out Flats

OOTD Checked Denim and Cut Out Flats

I had a spend up in Primark this weekend, which is great because a spend up in Primark never actually comes to as much money as you think it will. For me, it's one of those places that's either spot on, or has absolutely nothing that I like. At the moment however, I'm having a little love affair with some of their stock - particularly their range of denim dungarees and dresses. Denim is my go to saviour, so I naturally fell in love with this checked denim dress.

OOTD Checked Denim and Cut Out Flats

Dress - Primark | Shoes - Primark | Necklace - Gift | Bag - Holiday Souvenir

I've made it a new wardrobe rule to not buy anything that is made in a material that I do not like. By this I mean excessively synthetic fabrics which do not allow my skin to breathe. Whilst I already have pieces in my wardrobe which are made from viscose e.t.c, I am trying not to add to them, as I simply do not like wearing them in warmer weather.

Therefore, this 100% cotton dress was a no brainer for me. Denim, checked and drop waisted, it features several of my favourite styles at the moment, and I think it is really versatile. At a mere £12, for me this is a real bargain, considering that it is made with a natural material, which can be sparse in Primark. The one draw back with this dress is that it is a tad on the short side. Seriously, Primark, who do you think I am - Miley Cyrus? This is not helped by the fact that the skirt of the dress is prone to billowing, so it is definitely one to layer with leggings or tights.

These cut out flats cost me £12 too. They were a lucky find, as I nearly walked past them on the way to the till. There were only two pairs left, so are definitely a popular choice, and I promptly snapped up the last pair in size 6. Sorry/not sorry. When it comes to shoes, I have a soft spot for preppy flats, so these fit right in place in my shoe cupboard. The cut out sides make them ideal for a summer city break, for when you feel you need a step up from sandals. I particularly love how Jen wore a similar style here.

I bought this Olympic Bag years ago on a family holiday to Italy, and I have to say it was rather foresighted of me. It got some serious wear throughout the build up to 2012, and I still like using it even now. You won't hear me say this very often, but I do like the smaller size of this bag. It only allows me to carry the essentials, but is great for days out, when I don't need to carry too much stuff.

The amber necklace was a Christmas present, and the long length of it means that it is super easy to layer with. It makes enough of a statement on it's own though, and gives a slight boho touch to any ensemble.

OOTD Checked Denim and Cut Out Flats

What are your views on fabric choice? Do you buy clothes based on the material they are made from, or based on the style of them?


  1. Those shoes are ace, love the cutout detail on them.

    1. Thanks Lil - they're nice and comfy too :)