Tuesday 24 June 2014

My Five Favourite Watches

My 5 Favourite Watches

As an avid watch wearer, you will hardly ever find me not wearing a time piece of some kind. Even when I forget to put a watch on in a morning (a rare occasion), I'll be glancing at my empty wrist throughout the day. To celebrate my love for watches, I thought I'd share my five favourite watches here.

1. The Watch I Will Wear Until It Breaks: I've spoken about this watch here before, on multiple occasions. Here it is again! This is just a testament to how much I am enjoying wearing this watch at the moment, especially because it is such a bargain. I can wear it without worrying about damaging or losing it, and it is liberating to not have to be overly careful. It's more of a novelty piece than a classic, timeless design, but as this watch is not designed to last a lifetime this doesn't matter.

2. The Statement Watch: I wear this watch nowhere near as much as I would like to, as you can probably tell by the fact that it needs a new battery. When it comes to watches, I'm more likely to choose something sleek and functional than a flashy design, but I make an exception for this watch. When I wear it, I limit the amount of other jewellery I wear, and let this piece do the talking. It's such a lovely jazzy teal colour, and the face is in the shape of a stamp. Doubled with the bird and floral pattern, it fits right into place in my wardrobe.

3. The Chunky Watch: What I particularly love about this tortoiseshell beaut is the chunkiness and slight masculinity to it. It can really lift a basic outfit - whether I wear it with a plain dress, or with a t-shirt and skinny jeans, it's just so versatile. The large face is a bonus too, because there are some days when I just need to know the time without straining my eyes. I do believe this watch was from T. K. Maxx, and I find they always have a rather nice selection to choose from.

4. The Sentimental Watch: The year was 2010, and like all teenage girls at the time, I had taken to wearing a huge pocket watch necklace all. the. time. Upon seeing me wear my Mad-Hatter-esque necklace, my nan emerged with this beautiful watch necklace, which had previously belonged to my great-grandmother. Whilst my penchant for wearing pocket watches around my neck has thankfully disappeared, you'll still find me wearing this delicately enamelled, wind-up watch necklace today. Sure, the enamel is in less than perfect condition, and it's ability to keep reliable time is inconsistent, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

5. The Everyday Watch: This is my go to watch. I might feel bad about saying this in front of my other watches, but this is the one I use the most. The sleek design is typical of everything Skagen, and I think it's a thoroughly modern, yet timeless watch. For me, it's wearability stems from how versatile it is - it can be a very smart watch when needed, but can also be worn in a more casual way. Looking at it next to my other watches, it might not seem like much of a a statement piece, but when worn, the minimalist design and subtle styling make a unique impact. As an eighteenth birthday present, it also holds some sentimental value.

My 5 Favourite Watches
Do you have different watches for different needs, or are you more of a one-watch-does-everything girl?