Wednesday 4 June 2014

Mid-Week Treat: £1 Pastel Blue Nail Varnish

Pastel Blue Nail Varnish Wilko's Review

I'm always a bit wary when buying very cheap nail varnishes. The nail varnishes I normally buy are made by well established brands, albeit it not the most expensive ones. Sometimes though, if I see a real bargain in a great colour, I'll pick it up anyway, thinking that at the very least I could use it to do some nail art. So, when I found this gorgeous pastel blue nail varnish for a mere £1, I figured it was at least worth a try.

This beaut is from the 'Miss Beauty' range at Wilko's, and is is shade no. 31, 'Pastel Green'. In my eyes, it definitely looks more like a very subtle pastel blue, which is absolutely fine by me. Blue is such a wardrobe staple for me, so this varnish fits in nicely with most of my outfits. It also looks especially good when worn with denim of any kind. It's also a very summery shade, and makes me think of cloudless skies whenever I look at my nails.

I've had a run in with this brand before, and I have to say my previous experience wasn't great. The past colour I chose was a dark metallic navy blue, which unfortunately chipped very easily - it didn't last one day before chipping. However, this shade seems to be holding up a bit longer, and after wearing it for a couple of days (without a topcoat) I have noticed only minor chipping. Hopefully I can make it last a good while if I pair it with a decent topcoat.

Pastel Blue Nail Varnish Wilko's Review

If I've got the patience, I'll hopefully be using this to create some lovely floral patterns on my nails. But in the real world, I know that my nail painting skills aren't that good... Maybe an accent nail is the best way to go?

Any cheap nail varnishes that you would recommend?

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