Wednesday 18 June 2014

Mid-Week Treat: Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner for £2

Eyeko Eyeliner Review

Happy Wednesday, friends! Need a mid-week pick me up? Look no further than my latest favourite bargain - an Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner pen for the mere price of £2. This eyeliner pen normally retails at £16, which means an absolutely whopping discount of £14. So, with me being an advocate of winged eyeliner, I snapped it up in a heartbeat.

This Eyeko eyeliner pen comes free with the July 2014 copy of GLAMOUR Magazine, which costs £2. Even if you were simply uninterested in the magazine (although I actually love GLAMOUR, especially the fashion shoots), you cannot go wrong paying £2 for such a popular brand. You even get a choice of navy or black - I chose black, mainly because I do not wear coloured eyeliner of any kind.

I've heard mixed reviews when it comes to this eyeliner - people seem to love it, or think it is highly overated. I was therefore apprehensive of paying £16 for it, but for £2, I was quite happy to give it a try. I have to admit, I am a huge, huge fan of gel eyeliner, so I felt a little unfaithful when trying out this Eyeko pen. However, I have been looking for a quicker way to do my signature flick on mornings when I don't have the time/patience/steady hands for gel eyeliner. This eyeliner pen was super easy to apply, and glided on without dragging at all. The colour is also very intense and thick, and doesn't fade throughout the day. A further plus point is how quickly it dried - smudges were minimised and I didn't have to wait long in between applying the eyeliner and a mascara. Overall, I have been wearing this for the past week or so, and have been highly impressed. It even survived through a warm day's work in a bakery, which is more than can be said for many other eyeliners.

Still not convinced? The patron saint of winged eyeliner, Alexa Chung, swears by Eyeko eyeliner. 'Nuff said.

Are you a fan of Eyeko eyeliners, or do you have a different favourite brand? Have you had any beauty bargains lately?

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