Saturday 4 January 2014

Why Not Try to DIY

Now that Christmas and New Year are out of the way, I feel more free to think about possible upcoming craft projects. Here are a few lovely pictures that have got me thinking about crafting...
Horse Ring - if you heated the legs of a plastic horse, you could bend/shape them to form a ring. Then, paint a colour of your choice
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Is that a plastic horse with it's legs melted together to form a ring? Probably not, actually. Even so, it has planted an idea in my mind that I am sure will not leave me alone until I have experimented with numerous plastic animals. After the legs have been shaped, you could then paint the horse a colour of your choice.
love this idea - you'd need to glue the saucer to the cup and then drill a hole in the bottom to fit around the lamp fitting.
Whilst I'm a bit hopeless with most things electrical, this is too good an idea to not try. I'm guessing you'd need to drill a large hole in the bottom of a tea cup and saucer, so that it is the right size for your light fitting. The bulb would then screw on to keep the tea cup in place. You'd need to be careful whist drilling, to ensure that the porcelain doesn't crack.


How amazing is this jumper? Perfect for this time of year too. All you would have to do is update an existing jumper by sewing some leather buckles onto one shoulder, and by adding some pockets too. Easy AND chic.

Have you got any crafting planned for the New Year? Let me know if you've tried any projects similar to these.

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