Saturday 18 January 2014

Tartan and Plaid Scarves

Tartan still seems to be prominent as the pattern du jour, and it seems to be branching out into different colour ways. I'm always loathe to buy anything tartan brand new though - it is such a classic pattern that it is always easy to come across it in second hand shops, and at a fraction of the price. When I came across this beauty yesterday, I knew it was going to be heading home with me.

Blue and green tartan plaid scarf

Blue and green tartan plaid scarf

At £4.99, it was more than I would usually pay for a second hand scarf, but I think you'll all agree with me that, on this occasion, the price was worth it. It is a lovely, soft mohair weave, and I love the unconventional choice of colours. I've had some big scarves before, but this might actually be the biggest (trust me, it actually doubles as an emergency blanket).

Blue and green tartan plaid scarf

It would be very easy to make your own tartan or plaid scarf. All you would need is a fleecy tartan throw or blanket, which can then be cut to size and then hemmed if necessary. Sounds too much effort? OK, here's my pick from the high street, but trust me anybody could make one.

High Street Tartan
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Found any bargains lately? Have a happy Saturday!

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  1. I so need a good tartan scarf! I just love the way they compliment simple coats, especially if there's any red in the print.