Wednesday 1 January 2014

How to: Make an Evil Eye Necklace

An evil eye talisman is used in certain cultures to ward away misfortune, so what more perfect time to make some evil eye jewellery than at the beginning of a new year? I've made an evil eye pendant here, but you could use a similar technique to make bracelets, or even a ring. I'm actually in danger of being overrun with evil eye jewellery, but at least I'll be protected from misfortune, I guess.

DIY Evil Eye Necklace

You can find a variety of doll's eyes on eBay - you can even choose which colour iris you want. Simply type in doll's eyes, and take your pick from the bazillions of creepy eyes that appear. Mine are about 1cm in diameter, but you could go bigger if you wanted to.
DIY Evil Eye Necklace

You Will Need:
  • One doll's eye
  • A backing of some sort
  • Necklace
  • 4 jump rings
  • Pliers
  • Glue
  • Small Drill bit
DIY Evil Eye Necklace

First up, if your backing doesn't already have at least one hole in it, drill a hole in the side. I'm using two holes, one either side, but one at the top would also work equally well. Be creative with what you use for your backing piece - cabochon fittings from a craft department would work, as would a bottle top painted a colour of your choice. I'm using the back of a watch, which I took apart for another project a while ago.

DIY Evil Eye Necklace

Then glue your doll's eye to the centre of your backing. Use either a craft glue or a glue gun, either should work fine.

Using pliers, or wire cutters if necessary, separate your necklace into two equal halves. If your chain doesn't have a fastener on the other end, attach one at this point.

Then, using your jump rings, attach your evil eye pendant to the two free ends of your necklace.

Now you're finished, and protected from misfortune. All you have to do now is decide what to do with your spare doll's eyes. They'd make great earrings if you had two - simply glued them onto earring posts (the easiest thing ever, no?).

Let me know if you try this! Do you have any ideas for any other evil eye makes?

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