Thursday 14 November 2013

How to: Bejewelled Collar Necklace

This is a project that I did a while ago, and thought I would post it here because I loved the way it turned out.

bejewelled collar necklace

Here's the story. I bought this necklace - I just have a thing for peter pan collars - and after only a couple of wears, it already started to tarnish. It was a sad moment because I loved the shape of it. At the same time, in the window of my local vintage shop, they had these amazing necklaces that were made out of old brooches.

bejewelled collar necklace

The two came together, and I decided to cover my tarnished necklace with bits and bobs that I'd collected over the years.

vintage jewellery selection

This is a perfect project for using up those pieces of broken jewellery, odd earrings and tiny novelties that otherwise, you wouldn't know what to do with. You could make your necklace symmetrical, but I've gone for a chintzy, anything-goes mash up.

bejewelled collar necklace

I'd recommend using blu-tac to temporarily arrange your pieces onto your necklace first. When you are happy with the arrangement, use glue to permanently attach your bits and bobs.

bejewelled collar necklace
You could do many variations on this design, maybe just one vintage brooch in the middle of your necklace. Although I think that when it comes to necklaces like this, more is definitely more!
Have any jewellery disasters ever led you to an amazing DIY solution?


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