Monday 5 May 2014

What I'm Wearing: Preppy Dots with a Touch of Red

What I'm Wearing: Preppy Dots with a Touch of Red

I don't very often talk fashion on here, but the truth is I love clothes. I don't usually stray from my own personal style, but sometimes new trends I see will inspire a DIY or two. That said, most of my wardrobe isn't handmade (unfortunately, but maybe one day), and like everybody else I love a little retail therapy every now and again. This is the kind of outfit that I'm wearing at the moment.

What I'm Wearing: Preppy Dots with a Touch of Red

Red Lips and Red Shoes

I'm not the most coordinated of people, but I do love to have at least something matching, without being matchy-matchy overkill. My new favourite is just matching my lips to my nails, or in this case, shoes. I love Seventeen's Stay Pout in Infared - it's a classic matte blue-red that stays put a surprisingly long time (even after eating). These shoes are a recent find - I've been after a pair of mary-janes for a while, and after letting a couple of pairs slip me by on eBay, I came across this charming vintage pair in a local second hand shop for £2. The fashion gods must have been smiling down on me, I guess :)

Windmill Spoon Necklace

You'll rarely see me not wearing a necklace of some kind. I like quirky, yet simple pieces that can add a little bit of interest to a plain top. This is one I made myself - do you recognise it? It made an appearance in my post on making jewellery from spoons a while ago. I still keep my eyes peeled for old spoons with unusual decoration, as they make amazing pieces of jewellery.

What I'm Wearing: Preppy Dots with a Touch of Red

Vintage Satchel and Navy Spotted Skirt

This skirt is an old fave (I've had it for years and years and years), and it's a style that will never be unfashionable. The pleats are flattering, and polka-dots will forever be chic. This satchel is another lucky second hand shop find, which I bought a couple of years ago. It's actually a rucksack style one, so is great for days where I have to walk more.

I bought the jumper this weekend, in the sale at Primark (double whammy). It's from the men's section, which I always think is better quality and value for money than the ladies section. Grey makes up a large section of my wardrobe, and I'm always still picking up more grey clothes. Most of my jumpers are patterned or textured, so I needed a more plain one to layer with prints. For a mere £5, I couldn't leave this one in store.

Behind the scenes gossip: I took these photos in my onesie. So high fashion of me I know, but my excuse was that it was Sunday. Sundays were made for onesies.

Hope you enjoyed this post - would you like to see more posts like this in the future?
What are you wearing at the moment?

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