Tuesday 27 May 2014

3 Ways with Fuse or Craft Wire

DIY Craft Fuse Wire Midi Rings

Craft wire is often a DIY supply that can be easily overlooked, probably because it is not as exciting as a new set of charms or quirky one off pendants. However, craft wire can be so useful in making numerous items, and is also easy to use once you get use to manipulating the wire with pliers. Instead of craft wire, I often buy fuse wire - it's basically the same thing, except it can be easier to source and comes in a pack of various thicknesses, which can be very versatile.

 If you're a little stumped on things to do with craft or fuse wire, then here are three mini projects that can be whipped up in a couple of minutes flat. Perfect for when you need a crafting fix really fast.

^These midi rings^ are very simple to make; simply bend the wire into a circle that is wide enough to fit around your finger comfortably, before weaving in the left over ends. You could make them more complicated by threading beads along your wire, or by winding your wire into interesting shapes. I actually quite like to keep these simple, as when stacking rings I don't like to make things overly fussy. The great thing about making your own midi rings is that you get a size that is perfect for you, instead of generic sizes that might sit not exactly where you want them to on your finger.

DIY Craft Fuse Wire Hair Pin

Wire is perhaps one of the most secure ways to add embellishment to plain items. I made this floral hair pin by wrapping wire around the inside of the hair grip, and threading it through the gaps in my metal flower. It's best when doing this to try and hide the wire ends from sight. As great as a glue gun is, the glue doesn't always work on certain objects, so wire is a great alternative on those fiddly objects, like kirby grips. Pretty hair clips are always a staple in Accessorize, but you can make your own, more unique and pretty ones by using pieces of broken jewellery. I'll be wearing this one with a messy updo.

DIY Craft Fuse Wire Bow Pendant

The main allure of craft wire is the ability to shape it into many different designs. I am utterly useless at this, but even I could attempt a simple bow. Use one length of wire to shape the flounces and ends, before wrapping around a shorter piece of wire to create the knot. Then, use jump rings to attach to a necklace chain and voila! A simple, chic pendant. Once you get the hang of simpler shapes, the world is your oyster (initial pendants, here I come!).

I hope I've shown you how versatile craft or fuse wire can be, and given you some ideas of how to use it. I'd love to hear any of your ideas!

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