Wednesday 21 May 2014

Mid Week Treat: Japanese Stationary Haul

Wilkos Floral Washi Tape

Happy Wednesday, friends. Let's talk stationary. Is stationary not the most perfect little mood booster for those mid week blues? It hardly breaks the bank either. The only way stationary can get any better, is when it's given a cute Japanese makeover, and I've had a run in of lovely finds lately.

I've spoken of my love for washi tape before, and I have found that more recently it is becoming more accessible and easier to buy than ever. I even found some adorable rolls in Waterstones lately (yet another reason why I literally need to move into Waterstones). When I find some really pretty rolls like these above, I have to give in and add them to my collection. This pair is from Wilkos, and costs £1.99 for the pair. Bargainous, non? Not forgetting that's it's in my all time favourite colour, a light teal, and features checks and florals. *Swoon*. I actually needed a washi tape of this colour, so this was a truly serendipitous find.

eBay Animal Post It Notes

I love post-it notes. Is there anything they can't be used for? My life might actually be held together by them. When I found these animal shaped mini post-it notes, I had to have them. These are great for using as bookmarks, as you can place them right on the sentence you left off (so annoying when you forget where you are, right?). I think they would be great to use as a revision aid too, to mark out important sections of text. As it is, I'm just using these wherever I can, because they're simply adorable.

eBay Animal Post It Notes

You get 120 post-it notes for a ridiculous 99p from eBay, and whilst you have to wait a while for them in the post, they are definitely worth the wait. It is a lucky dip as regards to the design that you end up with, but that's all part of the fun, non?

Any other places you'd recommend for cute stationary?

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