Wednesday 28 August 2013

Mid Week Treat: Panda Ruler

I read a newspaper article a few weeks back, about a study that found that Wednesday is most likely to be the lowest point of a person's week.


On Mondays and Tuesdays, your memory is still filled with the weekend, and on Thursday and Friday, your thoughts are concerned with the upcoming weekend, but Wednesday is just middle of the road. With this in mind, I decided to introduce a new feature - the Mid Week Treat! Every Wednesday I'll find an inexpensive buy just to brighten your day.

As a well adjusted and highly serious adult, it's only normal that I have a slight obsession with stationary. This ruler caught my eye as soon as I saw it - I can't resist a cute panda.

Normally I'm a bit of a rebel when it comes to straight lines, but if anything's going to convert me it's an adorable ruler. And at 35p (from Wilko's), it's hardly going to break the bank either. Just what I needed to pick up my day!

I'm also really excited about the pandas in Edinburgh Zoo - is it wrong that I'm more excited about the prospect of a wee Scottish panda cub than I was about the royal baby? I might even have to make a trip up to Scotland to see Tian Tian, Yang Guang and their cub!

Do you find Wednesday the low point of your week? How do you brighten those days?

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