Wednesday 21 August 2013

How to: Pimp Your Earphones!

There used to be a time when listening to music was pretty bog standard. I actually remember listening to the chart show when I was little, holding a cassette recorder, eagerly anticipating a certain song to be played so I could tape it. Now, we're spoilt for choice when listening to music; on the TV, downloading and streaming - even CDs are becoming outdated!
So perhaps it could only have been expected that in this day and age simple earphones are so last year. There are so many different designs out there - bejewelled, brightly coloured and even novelty ones. Why waste an opportunity to accessorise?
Although I love the idea of these, they cause a major dilemma for me. I go through earphones the way other people go through hot dinners. I lose them, break them, stand on them... the list goes on. Therefore, I don't like to spend a lot of money on earphones (perhaps a fiver at most), but this usually means I miss out on fun designs. So, wanting a piece of the blingy action, I decided to make my own.
You Will Need:

  • Earphones
  • Embellishments
  • Glue (I'm using a glue gun, but other types of glue will probably work)

These are a pair of Gumy earphones, and the buttons have been saved from an old cardigan. Sorry about the rather ominous-looking shadow in the corner, it's not a ghost, promise.

Using your glue, attach your embellishment of choice to your earphones. It's worth trying your earphones on and working out the best place for them first.

And ta-dah! You have a pair of pimped earphones. Just don't lose your new found street-cred by letting on to your posse that you are actually using these mighty-fly earphones to listen to Coldplay and Elbow.

What are your thoughts on embellished earphones? Snazzy or just a passing fad?

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