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The Weekend Whim: April 2015

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Happy Sunday, lovely people! This week has been a rather hectic one for me, filled with volunteering at the museum, dashing off to university tutorials, a visit to the cinema to see The Age of Ultron, and, er, maybe a whole day spent watching the second series of Broadchurch (I'm hooked you guys!). So, before time rushes away and I find myself halfway through May (seriously, where does time go?), here's a round up of all things April...


I've finally started work on a project I had planned for my vintage pledge, and whilst I know earlier this year I was adamant that I would limit the number of projects I had on the go at once, I'm enjoying sewing something a little less challenging than leather. If anything, the short break from my suede skirt is much needed, and is giving me the will to keep going strong. I'm making a top out of a vintage dress pattern (Butterick 4554), however when I originally planned this, we were in the middle of a mini heat wave, so I might have to wait a few weeks for it to warm up before taking photographs!

Now we've reached May, I've nearly finished a hat I had planned for last winter. I'd love to be able to say that I'm a slow knitter, but the truth is that it simply needed blocking, which I put off for months. I'm halfway through sewing up, after which I'll write up the pattern and post here sometime in the near future (one for all you knitters in the Southern Hemisphere!).

Suede Jacket Stripes Loafers


Whilst the mini heat-wave had us all hoping that the cold chill was finally over, it was too good to be true, and I've found myself layering up yet again. However, I really don't mind layering up when it means I can wear my new (to me, anyway!) suede jacket. It's such an easy piece to wear, and works with both trousers and dresses. I'm the kind of person who would be too scared to pay a lot of money for a suede jacket (what if I spill something on it? what if I get caught in a shower?), but seeing as I only paid a fiver for this one second hand, I'm not so worried about ruining it. I have actually worn it out in a little drizzle, and it didn't seem to be too affected by the rain, which means that hopefully this classic jacket will be with me for a fair amount of time. Paired with my favourite tan loafers, it's a match made in heaven!

I normally cite florals as being my all time top pattern, however at the moment stripes seem to be taking over my wardrobe. I've stocked up on numerous basic striped tops, as I find they go with so much of my wardrobe, and somehow manage to make me look like I've made an effort, even on the laziest of days. This super oversized t-shirt was a second hand find, but tops like this are ten a penny, and in my opinion a must have in every girl's wardrobe. They look super chic when paired with simple jewellery, like this pendant necklace, which is one of my new favourites.

Espinosa The Yellow World


Albert Espinosa's The Yellow World was an odd pick for me, in that I rarely choose to pick up non-fiction at free will, especially books which fall under the 'self help' umbrella. However, there seemed to be something about this book which really made me want to read it, and the fact that I managed to finish it within two days must say something. The main focus of the book are the numerous lessons that Espinosa had learnt during a ten year battle with cancer, and how he has since applied these lessons to a life outside of hospital. However, by no means is this a book which is only relevant if you've had a close encounter with cancer. It's written in a really engaging, surprisingly humorous way, with each lesson only taking up two or three pages, which means it's an easy book to dip in and out of.

The second half of the book is different, and instead discusses Espinosa's theory about 'Yellows'; people who enter in to our lives and make a deep connection with us. I found this part of the book a little harder to connect with, partly because I didn't really agree with parts of Espinosa's theories, and partly because I preferred the more anecdotal nature of the first half of the book. Having said this though, it was well worth a read, and I feel like I've definitely taken away a couple of points from it.

What have been your favourite things from April?

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