Sunday 12 April 2015

The Weekend Whim: HOMEBODY

Baking Coffee + Walnut

After reaching a couple of deadlines in the past week, I've had a few spare days where I can just relax and not have to do anything except take it easy (hurrah!). Yesterday I did a little baking, and whilst it was hardly groundbreaking, it was fun to do something that I haven't done in a long time (blame working in a bakery!). So, with this in mind, I've compiled a list of different things to do when you want a relaxing day at home - without the requirement to leave the house.

-Put on an old movie you haven't watched in a long time.
-Collect a group of random objects and practice staging and taking still life photographs.
-Cut up old magazines for images to collage and scrapbook with.
-Bake with what you have in your cupboards and see what you end up with.
-Declutter or rearrange objects on shelves to freshen up your decoration.
-Marathon ~that show~ that you've been meaning to watch for ages.
-Print out photographs from your phone/camera and pin them up on your wall.
-Listen to your favourite album in its entirety.
-Find a tutorial on Youtube for something you've been meaning to try (mine's calligraphy!).
-Practice a new hairstyle (you can go as crazy as you want if you don't have to leave the house!).
-Organise your wardrobe by colour/type.
-Start reading a new book.
-Curate your fantasy wishlist (we all have one, amirite?)
-Learn a new language.
-Reorganise your bookshelves in alphabetical or colour order (I find this so therapeutic!).

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and I'd love to hear some of your favourite things to do on a duvet day!


  1. Baking, reading and watching films/tv shows are definitely on my list to do when I'm having a day at home. I love your list - and I find reorganising my bookshelves therapeutic too!

    1. Yes, I love reorganising my bookshelves, although it always takes longer than it should because I find myself stopping to read! :)

  2. They looks so good! I'm always watching youtube tutorials in my spare time! X

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    1. Thank you! A ten minute Youtube browse can quickly turn into a whole evening spent on Youtube, can't it?