Sunday 5 April 2015

The Weekend Whim 9 - Gregynog, Easter, + Weekend Links

Gregynog House and Grounds

When Easter rolls around, it always marks the beginning of Spring. However, Easter also holds a lot of other memories for me too; when I was in full time education it was always the mark of the beginning of exams (and of course, revision), and for the past couple of years I've worked over Bank Holiday Monday, so Easter has never really seemed like a very restful sort of holiday. The same applies again this year; I'm working tomorrow, and I've got a couple of assignments due in later on next week, so unfortunately I won't be lazing around in the garden with a book. However, Easter Sunday is an excuse to drop everything, so drop everything I did...

Gregynog House and Grounds

Gregynog House and Grounds

Gregynog House and Grounds

Gregynog House and Grounds

We took a drive out to Gregynog, a large Victorian house in the country, which has some amazingly beautiful grounds for the obligatory Easter walk (which was much needed after scoffing a little too much chocolate). Perhaps I went a little overboard on the photographs, but if there's one thing that's come as an unexpected twist to starting a blog, it's been developing a love of photography. Nowadays I rarely leave the house without taking my camera with me, which probably makes me look like a typical tourist, but means that my life is far more documented than it was before (for better or worse!).

This evening, I'm preparing to make some rice crispie chocolate nests, because it's not Easter without some! I'll also be taking the time out to catch up with my blog feed, speaking of which, here are a few of my favourite things on the internet at the moment...

- What's better than a fashion spread on shoes? One featuring cats too, of course! I'm so glad Daria posted about this Vogue shoot, because it's fast become one of my favourite things ever.

- I love having a nose through what other people have been making as of late, and Sarah's five piece clothing collection is super chic (she drafted all of the patterns herself too!).

- Crafting is more than a hobby - it's a mindset, and I loved Anna's post on what she's learnt from knitting.

- Rose is a scent that's really grown on me (ha!) of late, so I'm thinking I'll definitely give this tutorial on making rose water facial toner a try.

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and please hit me up with your favourite links of the moment!

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