Sunday 8 February 2015

The Weekend Whim #4: Preloved

Vintage Thrift Shop

Hey there, hope you're all enjoying the remainder of the weekend. I spent this weekend combining two of my favourite weekend activities; second hand shopping and cafe hopping, which culminated in a refreshing, uplifting couple of days. You may have noticed that I've slightly changed the name of my weekend posts - when I originally wanted to post at the weekend, I was feeling rather uninspired when it came to thinking of a name for this feature, and I've only just settled on a name! So, without further ado, let's get started talking about all things weekend. Pour yourself a cuppa, help yourself to a biscuit, and make yourself at home.

Vintage Thrift Shop

Willow Tea Break
Second hand bookshopSecond hand bookshop

There's something about second hand shopping that I find very relaxing. I prefer the kind of places that aren't too neatly organised; I like a good ol' rummage through unorganised stacks of bits and pieces, hoping I'll come across that hidden gem that has passed other people by. Even if if I don't walk away having bought something I love, I find the whole process very therapeutic. I visited a variety of vintage shops, antique centres, and a second hand bookshop which was too large to cover in one day! The one thing I always find about second hand shops is that the majority of them are in lovely old buildings, which whilst charming, always seem to be colder than outside! Wearing about five layers is imperative, as well as taking breaks to warm yourself up with a cup of tea (and maybe a slice of cake or two).

As well as a couple of small items I picked up in second hand shops (details coming soon), I've also been gathering supplies for a couple of projects I've got planned. One involves suede, which is a little bit daunting, but I'm excited all the same, and the other is a little jewellery project which I'm planning a tutorial for. It's been a while since I've used my jewellery supplies, so I'm looking forward to dusting off my skills with a pair of pliers.

Aside from that, I've been taking photographs of an unblogged sewing project, which will be appearing here soon, as well as curling up on the sofa catching up on The Great British Sewing Bee (serious patterned trouser envy), and rewatching The X Files for the first time in years. Such a rock 'n' roll lifestyle, I know!

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