Wednesday 4 February 2015

Mid-Week Treat: Rimmel at Poundland

Rimmel at Poundland

Well folks, Wednesday has rolled around again, but take some time out to remember that the week is halfway through (woop!). This Wednesday, I'm bringing you some of my best buys from Poundland, in the form of these Rimmel goodies. Whilst Rimmel is hardly an expensive brand to begin with, the £1 price tag makes these such great bargains. I've been trying these out for a couple of weeks now, so let me give you the low down on them.

Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Eclipse: RRP: £5.99
I've never been one for high shine lip products, and whilst this one has yet to convert me to being a fan of glossy lips, it makes a nice little addition to my selection of lip colours all the same. The berry colour is very easy to wear, and I like that it can be built up to be a stronger colour, or left as a little hint of colour. After blotting to take away the high shine finish, it lasts a surprisingly long time for a lip gloss, and I find that the colour stays put for at least a couple of hours. A word of warning when shopping for this: be careful in selecting the shade. Some of the available shades are a little on the bright side, which is fine if you're a fan of a (very!) statement lip, but some more subtle colours are available too. I'm also not a fan of the smell of the Apocalips range, I find it quite a strong chemical scent, which can be a little off-putting. Not enough to stop me from using it though.

Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm: RRP: £5.99
Lip crayons such as these two are fast becoming a staple item for me. They are so easy to wear (no mirror needed!), and feel really moisturising on my chapped lips. I picked up one on a whim, choosing the shade Drive Me Nude, and loved it so much I picked up another in Make Me Blush. Drive Me Nude is a great subtle lip colour, and I think it would look different on everyone, depending on the natural colour of your lips. On me, it's a very light, barely there pinky shade, which I like to pair with statement eyes. Make Me Blush is a little outside of my comfort zone, as it's a fairly bright pink (well, for me anyway). I'm thinking I'll probably get more wear out of this colour in the summer, when the heat makes me prone to bright colours. Its worth mentioning the yummy vanilla scent of these lip balms (much better than the Apocalips scent).

Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick in Bluffing: RRP: £4.49
This eyeshadow crayon has to be the best product I've discovered in Poundland. It's amazingly versatile: worn all over the eyelid for a bronzed eye, or teamed with a powder base for a smoky eye, I have yet to find a way I don't like using it. The creamy formula means it stays put all day without creasing, and is incredibly easy to blend. I am in particular love with this shade too; Bluffing is the classic golden brown that suits everyone, and it has just the right amount of shimmer. The only fault I can find with this is that the crayon is a little too big to fit in my sharpener, which means I've had to get creative when sharpening it. Trust me, I've been using this so much, I have to sharpen it a lot. I'm a little concerned that this isn't available in my local Boots (curse small town living!), as I know I will soon use up this beauty.

Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Brown: RRP £6.49
Let me just say that for me, eyeliner should always be black. No exception. So, why did I buy a brown eyeliner? Curiosity, I guess, but after confirming that brown eyeliner is in no way an option for me, I've been branching out and using this as an eyeshadow. The fact that it's a gel eyeliner means that it's creamy enough to be smudged all over the eyelid, and it works well when concentrated in the crease. However, it doesn't tend to stay put for as long as an eyeshadow, so using a powder base or a primer is a must. When worn with my beloved eyeshadow stick above, it's a no-brainer eye look. I don't know whether I love this enough to say that I'd definitely buy it again, but I'm enjoying using it at the moment.

Wake Me Up Blusher in Radiant Rose
I'm distraught to announce that this product appears to have been discontinued by Rimmel, because it's become a part of my daily make-up routine. After finishing my last blusher some time last year, I never replaced it, not really feeling the need to. This product has really changed my views on blusher. Since using it, I've had a surprising amount of people telling me that I've been looking 'healthy' lately (an odd compliment, but I'll take it all the same). Here's its magic secret: it's half cream blusher, half highlighter. Applying it along my cheekbones really lifts my skin, and I finally understand the allure of glowy skin. It's safe to say that I'm now a convert to highlighter.

I'd love to hear of any bargains you've found in Poundland, or if you've got any products you think I'd enjoy, let me know!

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