Wednesday 18 February 2015

5 Confessions of a Bad Blogger

First things first, let's just clarify that there's no such thing as a "good" blogger or a "bad" blogger. The great thing about blogging is that it has no set rules, and is an open field for you to do what you want with it. However, if you've been reading blogs for long enough, you'll soon find that there are typical things that a lot of blogs and their authors do, and it is these that I want to talk about (in particular my failure to do them!).

1. I Post Irregularly 
As much as I've tried to make a weekly schedule for blog posts, I always find that I create better content when I'm spontaneous. This means that you won't find me posting on a set schedule, on particular days, or at specific times. I simply blog when I feel like I have something to say, or a project that I want to share. Personally, as long as I'm posting at least once a week, I'm happy with my output. The one thing I really fight against is posting when I don't have anything to say; especially if I haven't posted for a few days and I feel like I should put content up. I nearly caved this weekend, and was about to write a post about literally nothing, when I remembered that it's actually fine to go a few days without a post. Bloggers who post on a daily schedule without burnout deserve serious merit (give yourself a pat on the back guys!!).

2. Minimalism Isn't My Bag
I totally get minimalism. It's so chic, easy to maintain, and uber practical. I love minimalistic interiors and style when seen on other people, but put simply, my brain isn't wired that way. When walking into a fabric/clothes/homeware shop I automatically find myself drawn to pattern, chintz, and knick knacks. I am currently halfway through a bit of a sort out, and whilst I have got rid of a lot of useless knick knacks I had hanging around, I find the empty space daunting. Do I leave it empty? What do I fill the space with? My answer for this at the moment is books (God knows I have enough of them to fill a lot of space). I think I'll just leave minimalism to those who know how.

3. I Rarely Comment On Other Blogs
Yes, yes I know. I read and follow so many blogs that I love, and I comment on about 10% of all posts that I read. A lot of the time it's simply because I forget to, although other times it's because I like to quietly reflect on a post I just read rather than rush straight in with a comment. This is something I'm really working to rectify, because I know how much I love reading comments over here.

4. Blog Surveys Leave Me Cold
There is a time and a place for reader surveys, but I don't think they should be making an appearance on personal blogs that are used as a hobby or a creative outlet. IMHO, they destroy creativity. Here's an example; a lifestyle blog I've been following for a long time recently shared the feedback of a survey, the feedback being that her posts on food and recipes didn't fit in with her content consisting mostly of fashion posts. I'm obviously biased as a fan of all things food, but personally I loved the mix of clothes and recipes - it was such an individual niche that let her interests and talent shine. As long as a blogger is writing with a passion for their chosen topic, I will always enjoying reading their posts. This isn't to say that I'm averse to receiving feedback on my blog, in fact the more the merrier! However, I'm all for a little selfish blogging from time to time (sorry, not sorry).

5. I'm Kind Of Useless At Social Media
I'm not going to deny it any longer: I'm rubbish at social media! Something struck me recently; how the sites I actually enjoy using are the ones I tend to get something out of, and are really clear as to how they are to be used. Pinterest and Instagram fall into this category; find pictures I like, share a photograph I took - boom! Simple, and totally addictive. Whilst I totally get the concept of Twitter, I'm not sure it's for me. A lot of the time I don't think I have anything interesting or funny to share which can be put across in 140 characters. Although actually, I do really want to take part in a twitter chat (is that what it's called? is that what I mean?), so I guess I'll try working on my tweeting skills. Also - does anyone know what it is I am supposed to do with my blog's Facebook page? Anybody?

Are there any of these that you're guilty of too? I'd also love to hear any social media tips!


  1. Great post! I think I'm useless at social media too so don't have any tips to share unfortunately! I only tend to post a link to my latest post, I can rarely think of anything else interesting to say haha...

    Before I started my own blog, I never commented on any of the posts I read. But since I've discovered the great community that's part of blogging and realised how much I love seeing comments on my own posts, I try to comment on posts I've enjoyed reading etc. I know what you mean about taking the time to reflect on a post though


    1. Thanks Gemma! The thing with social media is that when I sit down to use it, I very rarely have something to say, but when I am in the middle of something exciting, or have something interesting to say, I just don't think to get on social media.

      I totally agree with leaving comments - when I do leave one it makes me feel part of a much bigger community, and actually reading through comments is one of my favourite parts of reading blogs. I'll be trying to make an effort to comment from now on! :)