Wednesday 18 September 2013

Mid Week Treat: Download a Single

I'm one of those incredibly anal people who buy albums instead of singles. I just prefer it that way - if I like one song there's a fair chance I'd quite enjoy listening to a whole album by that artist. But as a treat this week, I've decided to download a single - I mean, what else can you get for under £1? In most places you couldn't even buy a cup of tea. 'Nuff said.

Being a big Coldplay fan, I'm going to be downloading Atlas, from the Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie. Of course, you could download any single you like. Had a random song in your head all week? Download it and brighten your mid week blues! I've had Vienna by Ultravox in my head recently (bit random, I know).

Ah, why I didn't download this sooner I don't know. I like that it has elements from each Coldplay album (that piano is beautiful too). I know it's not cool, but I love Coldplay, and I'm happy to admit it.

What was the last single you downloaded?

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