Thursday 5 September 2013

Free Zine: Drawn Memories

Hi, thought I'd try something a bit different today. During my short holiday last week, I came across several lovely views that photographs just wouldn't justify. Although I don't normally draw landscapes (I'm more happy drawing animals or people) I just had to record some of the things I saw. These drawings were drawn from memory when I got back to the hotel. I thought I'd compile them into a mini - zine and share with you for free. Cos I'm nice like that.

WARNING: This zine contains bad drawings of boats (like really bad). For the purposes of this post, we'll pretend that I was influenced by folk art, and therefore they were meant to look a bit crap.

How to make your free zine:

First off, you're going to need to print out the picture below onto A4 paper. Unless you're posh and have an A3 printer, that is.

Click on it to view a larger picture, and print it out from there. If you have a white border, trim it away.

Then, you're going to want to do some folding. Fold it in half...



three times! Then unfold it all and admire all your fold lines!

Next, cut along the pink dotted line shown below, following your fold lines.

Then, fold in half length ways.

Push the two ends in towards each other, so that the cut you made opens out.

Keep pushing until the cut closes up as the two sides meet and you'll get a cross shape (below).

Push this flat, so that the front and back cover are facing you (the lions head and the view of the streets).

Then fold it in half along the remaining fold line. You're done!

Hope you enjoy this! In non-related news, the pictures from my previous posts seem to have gone AWOL. Oh internet, you never fail to amaze and infuriate me with your ability to do things without my permission. Apologies -  please bare with me as I get the pictures reloaded!

Have you been anywhere nice this summer? Do you travel with a sketch pad?

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