Saturday 21 September 2013

How to: 5 Ways to Upcycle Clip On Earrings

I used to come across very pretty vintage clip-on earrings and be put off buying them - I was unsure on what I could do with them. One day I came across a pair so lovely that I bit the bullet and bought them. Since that one pair, I haven't looked back. For those of you who might be put off buying clip-on earrings, here's my five favourite ways to upcycle them:

1. Make a Pendant:

This works best with the dangly types of clip-ons, but some other types might work too. Using pliers, remove the earring from the clip-on back and attach to a necklace or bracelet with a jump ring - easy!

The cupid charm here started life as a clip-on earring.

2. Use them as Collar Clips:

Choose a pair with a clip-back and simply clip them onto your collar tips. This works best with pairs with a sturdy back, so they won't fall off your collar.

3. Update the Ear Fastenings:

You can do this with both dangly and flat back clip-ons. It means you can wear clip-on earrings just like normal earrings. With the flat backed ones, carefully remove the clip-on back using a pair of pliers. Be careful when doing this so you don't damage the part you want to reuse. Then glue an earring post onto the back of the earring, where the clip used to be. I did this with the two pairs in the picture above, both lovely e-bay finds.

With dangly pairs, simply use a pair of pliers to remove the old clip-on fastening with dangly earring posts. Simples!

4. Pimp Your Shoes!

Keep your clip-on earrings as they are and clip into place on a pair of shoes that you fancy hamming up. You can make the change more permanent by sewing or gluing the earrings in place, but I like to interchange mine depending on what I'm wearing.

5. Use them as Ear Cuffs:

When you take apart a dangly pair of clip on earrings, you'll be left with these - the clip-on parts. Before throwing them out - STOP! They make great ear cuffs. Simply clip into place where you want them to be on your ear.

I hope I've inspired you to view clip-on earrings in a different light. Any other ideas on how to reuse clip-on earrings?

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