Thursday 4 June 2015

May 2015

May 2015 Collage
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It's pretty scary to say that we're edging towards being halfway through 2015 (um... like where did time go?), and in just over a month I'll be turning 22 (whuut???). Now that it's starting to feel a lot more like summer, and my uni workload has lightened up, I'm in the mood to start sewing up summer dresses left right and centre, read outside in the park or garden, and take my camera out to new horizons. And May certainly delivered in those aspects! Here are a few of my favourite things from May...

Red Check Shirt Outfit

What I'm Wearing

Whilst the heatwave a few weeks ago had me reaching for my summer dresses, the cool off lately has made it hard for me to decide how to dress in a morning. Will it rain, or will it warm up later on in the day? Can I go tights free? I find the best way to strike the balance is a shirt - enough coverage for cooler days, yet light and loose fitting enough for when the temperatures soar too. This red and white checked shirt positively screamed 'buy me' from the rails of one of my favourite charity shops, and whilst it errs on being a little too oversized for my personal preference, its Alexa Chung-Parisienne chic vibe wins me over. I might decide to take it in a little in the future, but it'll do for now.

Another recent second hand find of mine was this adorable little leather box-bag (it has vintage suitcase vibes, non?). I'm not entirely sure of its age, but it seems to be well made and really sturdy. Unbelievably, I almost let this one pass me by, mainly because I am much more of a shoe person, and I'm therefore trying to cut down on the amount of handbags I own, because they inevitably don't get used as often as they should. However, it occurred to me that this would actually be the perfect camera bag (I've been on the look out for one for well over a year!), as by luck I had my camera with me that day. Now I actually believe this to be made with the sole purpose of being a camera bag, because it is just the perfect size, and those teeny tiny pockets are the ideal size for spare batteries and other camera related shizz. The fact this bag matches my all time favourite loafers means it was just meant to be, right?

What I'm Listening To

The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers is perhaps the most 80s sounding thing I've heard (barring stuff actually from the 80s, of course!). The album contains a lot of cheesy pop tunes and electronic influences, which immediately put a smile on my face (even when I've got up early for a run!). I love Lonely Town for its sheer catchiness, and Still Want You is worth a listen to if only for the video (which I totally fangirled over).

I'm also totally obsessed with Regrets by Everything Everything, as in I think I'm actually going to be playing it on repeat until I end up hating it! It's still love at the moment though...

What I've Bookmarked

Words you never knew you needed until now: The Dictionary of Obscurities makes an interesting read.

As I'm in the middle of a sort out at the moment, Oona's post on the downside to the Kondo craze struck a bit of a chord with me.

There's still time to apply for fabric if you want to take part in this year's Hillarys Craft Competition.

Let me know what your favourite things from May have been!

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