Sunday 21 June 2015

The Weekend Whim: Links for Sunny Days

Links for Sunny Days

When the summer heat has well and truly set in, it fills me with an odd kind of optimism. I'm definitely not the kind of person to let the weather govern what I do by any means (when you live in Britain you have to make do!), but at the same time, sunny days make me dream about how I'm going to be spending the following few weeks. So, in spirit of the fact summer has finally arrived, this Sunday I'm sharing a few of my recent favourite links, so take advantage of some out of doors wifi and enjoy!


Plan your summer holiday reading, with these more challenging reads from women authors.

Triple Copy is an online magazine I discovered a while ago, combining the work of artists and writers mostly from New York. Expect discussions on recent exhibitions, articles on human behaviour, and refreshingly different interviews.

This list of wacky Wikipedia entries that have been deleted by moderators made me smile.


If you're planning a trip anywhere, make sure to check out Eventbrite, a website which searches for events happening in an area on specific dates. You can even search by price, which means planning affordable days out just got a lot easier.

These handmade sandals are timeless, and would look great for both a city break or a seaside destination.

I'm going to be using this tutorial to try to add an artistic flair to my holiday snaps this year.


I've been reading Maddie's blog for a long time now, and it's so exciting to see her brand grow and expand. More relaxed days would be perfect for Mallori Lane, and I can't wait to dip my toes into making lingerie.

Finding the perfect do-all bag for summer can be hard - it's got to be big enough for the essentials, light enough for carrying, and still chic enough to not look like a bag lady. Which is where making your own comes in, and Merchant and Mills' Orton bag looks like a great option.


An instagram feed dedicated to farming hardly sounds like the most exciting account to follow, but believe me Benjamin Hole's feed is a beauty to behold. It's enough to make me want to start up my own sheep farm/wool selling dream!

Modern Lady on Pinterest is by far one of the most well curated boards I follow, and never fails to inspire the way I dress or style my hair.


I love a good podcast for when I'm busy crafting something up, and the Creative Something podcast is a great tool in encouraging yourself to create in new ways, and to reconsider the process in which you go about creating. If you're a creator of any kind, than this is a must!

For me, each summer is easily remembered by which album I had on repeat at the time. This year, I'm pretty sure it's going to be Songs by Regina Spektor, which I shamefully only recently discovered, but is an absolute gem.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


  1. These are great links Charlotte, thanks for sharing! The podcast sounds particularly interesting, it seems like it could be quite inspiring :)

    1. Glad you liked it Gemma! I really recommend it, as it encourages you to think in new ways, and I love a good podcast :)