Wednesday 21 January 2015

Mid-Week Treat: Haberdashery at The Range

The Range Craft Ribbons

Happy Wednesday, folks! You know the drill by now - it's humpday, in the middle of a hectic week, and I'm bringing you some inexpensive buys to brighten your day. I visited The Range a couple of weeks ago, and can never leave empty handed, especially when it comes to the craft or homeware sections. Have a look-see at what I bought!

Ribbon is a craft hoarder's delight, and they have so many different types to choose from at The Range that it was pretty tough for me to walk away with just three rolls. At £1 each, you get at least a metre on each roll (often more!), and the selection they have varies from plainer, more delicate styles, to kitschy, novelty ones. At the moment, I don't really have any planned projects that involve ribbon, but that didn't stop me from picking up a few styles that caught my eye.

The Range Craft Ribbons

At the time of buying, I was obviously in the mood for a lot of blue. Aren't those gingham hearts adorable? I'm pretty certain they are also available in other colours (pink and purple), but I picked the blue thinking they would be the most versatile (they would look great paired with denim, non?). These would probably work best when used for embellishment sparingly, as I think too many of them may verge on being overly kitsch. Perhaps these would even work cut up into separate hearts and appliqued somewhere - I'm sure I'll be using them somehow.

These daisies are also rather kitschy, but I just couldn't resist them. This wide ribbon consists of daisies printed onto sheer fabric, which is again available in other colours, but I chose the white. I think the main reason for me falling in love with this is that it's just so summery, and as I write this it has been snowing outside for the past two days! I think I will probably use this as a kind of bias binding, and use it to edge hems on a plain top.

It might not look like much compared to the other two ribbons, but this blue looped fringing is actually the one I am most pleased with. It's subtle and delicate, and I can think of several ways of using it. It would look exquisite as a decorative trim, both on ready to wear and handmade items. It would also work great as a replacement for rouleau straps (darn, making those are tedious!).

Whilst I was there I also picked up the most adorable little tape measure in the shape of a cat (naturally). At £1.99, it's the perfect size for popping in a handbag, and I find myself using it a lot more than I would have expected (usually for travel-knitting related emergencies!). There are other designs available which are equally cute (I was this close to buying the panda one), and all feature a hidden tape measure that pulls out from the ear. Sure, an ordinary tape measure would do the trick, but I find myself reaching for this one a lot more!

Oh, and if these don't do it for you, buying a new pair of shoes will always lift the Wednesday blues!

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