Wednesday 10 September 2014

Mid-Week Treat: Wisdom Tooth Necklace for £2

Ebay Wisdom Tooth Necklace

"Enchantment means to want something, and also to know, somewhere inside yourself, not an obvious place, that you aren't going to get it." Does this strike true with you? This quote from author Rachel Kushner certainly strikes true with me, for a lot of things. I am rather enchanted with the idea of moving to Paris, and opening up my own little knick knack shop. Will it ever happen? Probably not. However, for me, this quote resonates strongly with my shopping wish list - namely things which seem even more desirable because I know I will probably never own them.

For instance, these Tom Ford sunnies were top of my dream wish list for a long time (just look at them!), however, anything over £10 on a pair of sunglasses seems frankly ridiculous on my budget. I can still dream though...

More recently, I have become infatuated with this Sweet Tooth necklace by Vera Meat. My discovery of this necklace coincided with me having my wisdom teeth taken out, and something clicked in my brain which just made this necklace top of the ultimate wish list. It has a unique, edgy vibe to it, whilst somehow still looking dainty. One problem though - Vera Meat is only available in the US! Darn... They have some amazing pieces, so frankly it would be plain rude of them not to share the goods with us here in the UK. A trip out to America would be worth it solely for Vera Meat, though.

In the meantime, I've been searching for something similar a little closer to home, with no luck. After scouring pretty much everywhere on the high street for a loooong time, I turned to the internet recently with a little more luck. After the success of my last bargain eBay purchase, I decided another one would be well worth trying out. Especially when it only cost me £2.22!

Ebay Wisdom Tooth Necklace

This tooth pendant necklace is a little bigger than the Vera Meat one, but still really wearable. I am really fussy with the length of necklaces (a centimetre either way makes a huuuge difference, people), yet I find the length of this one absolutely fine. It's a really quirky little necklace which adds a bit of a twist to a casual, plain outfit.

Postage was free, from China, so the whole cost only came to £2.22, which, let's face it, won't even buy a coffee in a lot of places. It was on sale at the time of purchase, but I don't think the full price is much more than I paid. It took about two weeks to arrive, which is about what I would expect.

Okay, so the cons. The gold colour is a rather bright and brash shade, and won't be passing itself off as real gold anytime soon. But what would you expect for £2? Besides, the bright colour kind of pales in comparison next to the next (bigger) drawback - namely that on the reverse of each tooth, written in large, cursive font, is the word "mafia". This was not mentioned in the item description, so was a surprise to say the least. After the initial shock, I've actually come to find it rather funny - when worn, you cannot see the inscriptions, so nobody else knows they are there. I am officially the least gangsta person in the world, so putting this necklace on in a morning certainly brings a smile to my face!

Ebay Wisdom Tooth Necklace

Do you have an impossible wish list? Which items would you buy if there were no limits?

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