Wednesday 3 September 2014

A Weekend in Anglesey

Church Bay Anglesey

Last weekend saw our second visit to Anglesey this year, and it's one of those places that never loses it's magic. I took about 2753734 photos, ate copious amount of bara brith, and just generally enjoyed the relaxed vibe of the beautiful island. I'm sharing some of the highlights here, and I'm already getting wanderlust for Anglesey all over again...

Hen Bont Farm

Llanddeusant windmill

Hen Bont Farm

We stayed at Hen Bont Farm; a working sheep farm with accommodation for guests, and I seriously cannot recommend this place enough. In a stunning, remote location, with breath-taking views from all windows, yet still close enough to civilisation if you wanted to pop into a local coffee shop, Hen Bont Farm is perfect for a chilled out weekend. We received a lovely warm welcome, and it quickly felt like a second home. The homemade bara brith was so tasty, that I am definitely going to try out the family recipe which is kindly shared on their website.


Llanddeusant windmill

Holiday essentials

As well as relaxing at the farm, we went on some gorgeous walks around the area. We didn't plan any of our walks, so didn't know where we might end up, but found some lovely hidden gems. Church Bay was a great find - a perfect beach and cliffs overlooking Holy Island. Another lucky find was this quirky, renovated windmill in Llanddeusant - you should all know how much I love me a windmill!

The sun shone for the first time in weeks, so my round sunnies from Primark definitely came in handy. They cost £3, and are a dead ringer for some of the styles in Topshop at the moment. My all time favourite loafers also came with me, but that goes without saying.

I'm now back in civilisation, feeling refreshed and ready to go! Although I'm still hoping that another visit to Anglesey isn't too far away...

Where are your favourite places to unwind?

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