Sunday 10 August 2014

My Crafting Stash

Clip On Earrings Stash

Roll up, roll up! You are cordially invited to a whistle stop tour of my crafting stash. I like clearing out my crafting stash on a regular basis, where I get rid of anything that isn't being used, or anything that I cannot see myself using. During my most recent clear out, I took some photos of some parts of my stash, just for you guys to have a nose around. Because everyone loves a nose through someone else's cupboards, amirite?

Whenever I find I pair of glamorous clip on earrings in a second hand shop, I snap them up quickly, because I know how pricey they can be in vintage shops, or on the internet. I don't really have a big project planned for them, but I just instinctively like them. They'd look great all joined together as a statement necklace, or used as fancy buttons on a cardigan, but at the moment I am just happy to admire them. My Grandad used to be the manager of a jewellery shop, so I'm pretty sure that my love of all things sparkly may be inherited. This small jewellery box came from the jewellery shop, and as well as loving the colour of it, I also love that it has the address of the shop on it, and is therefore a part of my family history. I keep it on my bedside cabinet, where it holds a couple of my favourite pieces of jewellery.

Vintage Puppy Button Tin

I like to keep all of my supplies in vintage tins, as they look a lot more fun than plastic storage boxes. This is the all important button tin, picked up years ago from a second hand shop. I'm a little concerned with the malice with which the previous owner attacked the puppies on the front, but I'm looking after this tin now. I use this very sweet Winnie The Pooh Tin to keep all my jewellery fastenings in. I love the fact that it shows the scene where Pooh got stuck in Rabbit's rabbit hole after eating too much (FYI my all time favourite Winnie The Pooh moment). The spotty tape measure was a brilliant Home Bargains find, and they also have other items in the same range.

Vintage Playing Card Stash

One of the more odd collections in my stash, is that of my vintage playing cards. This is actually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my playing card obsession! I mainly use them to make mini notebooks with, but will sometimes place the lettered ones in a frame to spell out a quote. The ones I use the most are the ones with letters on the front (Kan-U-Go and Lexicon are the best), as they make really great personalised gifts. However, I also really like packs with cute vintage illustrations on - I love old, kooky illustrations.

Broken Jewellery Stash

In a past life, I could well have been a magpie, if my broken jewellery stash is anything to go by. You can pick up pieces of broken jewellery quite easily - over the internet, in antique centres, and even in high street store sales. It's so easy to gather a collection, and if you know how to use jump rings and pliers, you can build up unique pieces of jewellery at crazy low prices.

Beatrix Potter Pincushion

My brother bought me this Beatrix Potter pincushion for my birthday (he knows me too well). If it wasn't adorable enough, the front section unflaps to reveal a needle book, covered with iconic Beatrix Potter illustrations. It lives inside my sewing box, which naturally, is covered in a cat print. Crazy cat lady, much? My Winnie The Pooh tin is making another cameo here, because I simply cannot get enough of it. This gorgeous gingham fabric is part of my current sewing project (which I am keeping schtum about for now).

I hope you enjoyed a quick look into my craft stash. There is a lot more to see, so I may well write another post about it in the future. Anything you like to hoard?

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