Thursday 15 May 2014

What I'm Wearing: Posh Frocks in Day Time

Spotty Dress Outfit

I was rummaging through my wardrobe recently, during a "I have nothing to wear" crisis, when I rediscovered this dress. I can definitely see why I bought it: spots: check, peter pan collar: check, 60s vibe: check. I can also see why I don't really wear it often enough - namely that it is a rather fancy dress to be wearing to rather unfancy places e.g. Sainsbury's. I'm not quite brave enough to do a Holly Golightly and wear my glad rags wherever I please, so I tried to make this dress more casual, and I think I succeeded.

Spotty Collar and T Shirt

Vintage Chandelier Earrings

Gold Tipped Ballet Flats Dorothy Perkins

Dress - Next (old), T-Shirt - Primark, Shoes - Dorothy Perkins, Earrings - Vintage

It's easy to layer anything with a collar, so quite why I have never tried it with this dress before is a mystery to me. I've decided that I lack basic pieces in my wardrobe, as I'm always drawn to more exciting, colourful or patterned pieces of clothing. So, I've made it my new mission to pick up neutral basics, like this t-shirt, which will allow me to wear my more exciting things easier. This t-shirt has been a wardrobe life saver, and I am always finding new ways to wear it. Grey is my go to neutral colour, as I find it the easiest to wear, and not quite as harsh as black.

These earrings are pretty fabulous, non? Ok, so they're fairly fancy too, but they are frankly too damn good to save for best. They were a mere £2, and after replacing the studs on them, I've been wearing them on a regular basis. Usually, I am more of a necklace kind of girl, but I've found it a nice change wearing a statement pair of earrings. They make a messy ponytail look intentionally 'undone' and instantly chic.

My transition from winter shoes to summer shoes usually follows a set pattern, from brogue boots, to brogues, to loafers, and very rarely, to a pair of sandals. I wasn't sure how much I would wear this pair of flats from Dorothy Perkins, as I don't usually wear ballet pumps. These are an exception to my rule though, mainly helped my the fact that they are so darn comfy. And shiny. They feel one step away from tap dancing shoes, which can only be a good thing, right?

Spotty Dress Outfit

This outfit has made me want to wear some of my more fancy dresses more regularly, teaming them with casual basics. What are your tips for wearing smart clothes more casually?

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