Wednesday 7 May 2014

Mid-Week Treat: Globe Watch for Under £2

Globe Map Watch for Under £2

I've seen this watch hanging around in the blogosphere for a while now, and recently I caved in to my combined love of watches and maps, and ordered one for myself. I thought that it would be an ideal watch for summer, and what with it being a frankly ludicrous £1.39 (no, really), would be perfect for travelling, without fear of losing an expensive/sentimental watch.

Globe Map Watch for Under £2

This globe faced watch is from eBay, and comes all the way from China. Postage is free though, so although it might mean waiting a bit longer than average, the cost of the watch remains super low. Mine didn't actually take too long to arrive - two weeks at the most, which is actually quicker than some things I wait for from within the UK! You can choose from three coloured straps; brown, black, or white. I chose white, mainly because I thought that the brown and black would probably be obviously cheap looking. The white strap on mine however, isn't too bad, and definitely looks like it costs more than a mere £1.39.

Globe Map Watch for Under £2

I don't think this watch has been far away from my wrist since it arrived in the post - I love the unusual globe face on it, and it feels perfect for warmer weather. Just looking at it makes me want to book some kind of holiday, pronto. It looks great when worn in an arm party, but makes just as good a statement when worn on its own. And it's white - my new go to colour for warmer weather.

Although I love this watch as it is, I might be tempted to get creative with it, to really give the impression that it is a more expensive piece of jewellery than it is. Keep your eyes peeled!

Atlas by Beth Jeans Houghton on Grooveshark

What has been your all time favourite eBay bargain?


  1. Oh my gosh this is so beautiful!

    1. It's even more lovelyin real life, Lil - I'd highly recommend it!