Saturday 8 March 2014

What I'm Loving: February 2014

Blogging in the Library Part 2 - The Rematch. I've finally found a way of blogging in the library, which is very good news.

So, here's a rather belated edition of What I'm Loving: February 2014.

Cut Out Shoes
Even though it's still not properly warm, I'm a little tired of wearing boots. My antidote for this? Cut out shoes - the best of both worlds. I picked up this mighty fine pair from a second hand shop, for less than a fiver.

Vintage Cut Out Shoes

Vintage Cut Out Shoes

Okay, my feet were rather cold, but it was worth it. I'm actually rather chuffed at finding this pair of old shoes - I normally find vintage shoes really hard to find, as most of them are in teeny tiny sizes. Coupled with the fact that I have quite a high instep, vintage shoes are nigh on impossible for me to find. So when i found this lovely pair I jumped at the chance to buy them. I'll be wearing them with rolled up jeans now (rather lopsided, as it turns out), and a dungaree dress come summer.
Keep your eyes peeled for a cut out shoes DIY coming up!

What I was Reading

Pride and Prejudice

I've never read Pride and Prejudice before (yes, really), on account of it not really being my cup of tea. But after watching Death Comes to Pemberley at Christmas, I felt that I should do. And I actually rather enjoyed it. There were no murders, mysteries or any major plot twists, so I was rather taken aback by how much I loved it. Any other Austen novels you'd recommend?

Paper Towns John Green

A lovely friend got me Paper Towns for Christmas, and I'd really recommend it. After reading The Fault In Our Stars (and crying a LOT), this is a nice change of pace, but it's still John Green at his best. This book has a great summery feeling, and I think would be ideal to take on a road trip. It's a story of teenage love, a girl who runs away and the boy who tries to find her. I won't give away any major plot details, but I cried at the end. John Green books should come with a pack of tissues.

What I've Been Listening To

I've been digging laid back tunes which have a summery feeling. Probably a result of the cold weather, and dreaming of warmer climes.

And can we talk about the Coldplay song that dropped from nowhere? Sure, there were rumours of an album coming out this year, but I don't think anybody believed them, right? Personally, I'm not sure about the new sound yet, but it will probably grow on me. 

What were you liking in February 2014?

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