Wednesday 19 March 2014

Mid-Week Treat - MUA BB Cream

I've been thinking lately that I need to upgrade my skin care routine, especially after the effects a harsh winter has had on my skin. After hearing rave reviews about BB Cream, I wanted to try a piece of the action myself, however I have been put off by some of the high end prices. I wanted a product that I could try out before committing to, and when I found this MUA BB Cream for £3 from Superdrug, I thought it was a great way to dip my feet into BB Cream (er... not literally, of course).

MUA BB Cream Review

This BB Cream applies thicker than a foundation, so is great to use as a base and then to put a little foundation over top of problem areas. I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin, however - I have combination skin and have learnt to apply it well away from my dry areas, otherwise it clogs them up. Nevertheless, it does create a really even skin tone and hides blemishes without being too 'cakey'.

 I was rather surprised to find that the shade I bought (the palest), is actually if anything a tiny bit too pale, which is actually a nice change from buying the palest skin shade and finding it still not pale enough (I am embarrassingly pale). It blends really well, so even though it is a little too pale, it actually works fine.

MUA BB Cream Review

At £3, I think this is really worth a try before branching out into more of the expensive BB Creams available. It's great to use alongside foundation, or on it's own. My only gripe is that this one doesn't seem to last all day, and towards the end of six or seven hours it becomes a little shiny. After experimenting with this BB Cream though, I'll certainly try more in the future.

Any skin care products you recommend? What do you think of BB Creams?

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