Monday 3 February 2014

How to: Make a Horse Brooch

It is the Chinese Year of the Horse, which is a perfectly reasonable excuse to get excited about equine accessories. Why not make a statement horse brooch to pin to the collar of a coat, or to cheer up a plain jumper?

Horse Brooch DIY

You Will Need:
  • Plastic Horse (try looking in cake decorating shops)
  • Brooch Back
  • Glue
  • Paint (optional)
Horse Brooch DIY

First up, paint your horse a fun colour. You could use acrylic, or a spray paint. This is a step you could pass if you don't want to change the appearance of your horse, but I'm painting mine because I'm really liking the pastel blues and pinks that are about at the moment. And also because my horse has seriously creepy eyes. If you like, you could paint a pattern on your horse, or why not try dipping your horse in glue and then covering it with glitter?
Horse Brooch DIY

When the paint has dried, simply glue the brooch back to the reverse of your horse. Make sure to glue it as high up as you can, to avoid your horse tilting.

Horse Brooch DIY

When the glue has dried, you are ready to wear your new brooch. I'm currently pinning mine on my scarves and coats, to cheer up my winter wear. You could use a similar technique to make a keychain or bag charm, by drilling a hole in the top of your horse and inserting a jump screw.

How are you cheering up your winter clothes?

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