Monday 26 August 2013

Why I Love Yellow

Some colours get all the attention. Black is forever fashionable, navy is smart and preppy and red always looks like you've made an effort. And emerald is Pantone's colour of the year! However, I think there's one colour that deserves more credit...

OK, so it's hardly high-fashion of me, but I just really like yellow. Not to paint walls in or to dye my hair with (a bit Lady Gaga, no?), but to wear, I think yellow is a really underrated colour. It's fun, cheerful and perfect for a Monday. Here's my pick of yellow on the high street:
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1. I love a chunky knit, and this one from Miss Selfridge looks so cosy and happy. Wear it with light denim jeans or over a smock dress. Pieces like this make yellow surprisingly easy to wear.
2. This skirt from Zara is a more pastel shade, and when paired with the Aztec print screams summer. It could be dressed up with a sleeveless shirt and heels or worn more casual with a simple t-shirt. So versatile!
3. If you're a bit scared of yellow, the easiest way to wear it is with accessories. A neon yellow statement necklace gives an outfit instant edge, but I really like yellow shoes. These loafers would look good with both dresses and trousers, and look really comfy too!
4. I once saw a random girl in the street wearing a pair of mustard yellow peg-leg trousers with a grey marl t-shirt and bright red lipstick. She just looked ridiculously cool, and although I doubt I could ever look that hip I have been searching for a perfect pair of yellow trousers since. This H&M pair would do lovely, thanks.
The one thing with yellow is, there are a few rules you have to stick to to make it work. These are just a few I follow when wearing yellow:
  • Unless you are just wearing yellow accessories, just wear one yellow piece per outfit. One yellow piece makes enough of a statement.
  • Yellow looks good with either navy or grey. I tend not to wear yellow with black, for fear that I might look a little like a bumble-bee.
  • If you have blonde hair or pale skin, don't wear yellow directly next to your face - it can wash you out. Break a top up with a collar or a statement necklace or wear yellow on your bottom half instead.
  • Follow your instincts! If you see something yellow you just instinctively like just go for it and give it a try. You haven't got anything to lose.
What do you think about wearing yellow? Is there another colour you'd like to see getting a bit more attention? 

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