Monday 25 November 2013

Lets All Wear Novelty Jumpers!

Okay, I've given in. It's time to wear big, naff novelty Christmas jumpers. The problem is that when I wear them, I never look cool or ironic, just a bit sad and pathetic. So how SHOULD Christmas jumpers be worn?

This is my favourite Christmas song. Mainly because it's by The Killers (my favourite band) and also because it's pretty damn funny. But let's talk about those jumpers. I could talk here about ways to make Christmas jumpers look effortlessly cool, but I think they don't need to be. They are CHRISTMAS jumpers, so let's just embrace the silly festive feel in the air and not really care about how good we look. And let's not try to think about how much we'll cringe when we see the photos of us in crazy jumpers a few years on!

Are you wearing your Christmas jumpers yet? 

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