Tuesday 22 December 2015

Last Minute DIY Gift: Nutella Fudge

Three Ingredient Nutella Fudge

No intention to panic anyone, but Christmas is this Friday and I find myself thinking about a few last minute gifts I need to get. As much as I love making presents for people, this year I feel I've lacked enough time in order to plan what I'm going to make (and make it of course!). Which is where this recipe for fudge comes in. It's really simple, only requiring three ingredients, and takes 45 minutes to make, tops. Last minute gifts don't come as easy or yummy as this!

The recipe is adapted from one given to me by a colleague for peanut butter fudge. Long time readers will know that I swear by Sophie Dahl's recipe for peanut butter fudge - a very creamy and decadent treat, but after experimenting with this new recipe I have to say that it comes very close! In order to make it a little different (and more appealing to those who don't like peanut butter!) I swapped the peanut butter for nutella, and found that either way this fudge gets eaten very quickly.


170g Nutella (or another brand of chocolate and hazelnut spread)
400g Brown Sugar
60ml milk

(yep, that's it!)


In a large pan, heat the brown sugar and milk together, stirring until fully combined. Let this mixture reach the boil (without stirring) and leave it at the boil for a further 2 minutes (no stirring).

Take the pan off the heat, and quickly stir in the Nutella until fully mixed in. Quickly pour the fudge mixture onto a lined tray, and spread out so that it is somewhere between 2cm - 4cm in thickness. Leave at room temperature to completely set (this should only take about 15-20 mins). Cut into squares and enjoy!

Three Ingredient Nutella Fudge

I find that this recipe sets a lot faster and is more solid than the aforementioned Sophie Dahl recipe, which is what makes it perfect for gift giving (nothing like giving someone a gift and telling them to put it in their fridge ASAP!). It has a really crumbly texture that's great as it is, but to add something a little extra, you can sprinkle some chopped nuts over it before it completely sets.

My favourite way to gift this is to put it in these copper lidded jars from Home Bargains with a label with what it is, the ingredients and when it was baked. This recipe makes enough to fill two small jars or one larger one (with enough left over for a few nibbles, of course!).

And er, whilst jars of fudge make great gifts, I also highly recommend making a batch just for you ;) Whilst shop bought fudge is just fine, once you've tried the homemade variety you'll be a complete convert!

Wishing you all the best for the festive season!

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