Wednesday 17 December 2014

Mid-Week Treat: Stocking Filler Special

Although it sometimes can get a little stressful, I absolutely love shopping for Christmas presents - it really gets me in the festive spirit. My favourite part of Christmas shopping has to be stocking fillers; I usually buy people one main present and add in a few mini extras. There's no rule when it comes to stocking fillers, except they have to be fun, and not too expensive. Which is where this guide to stocking fillers comes in - in true Mid-Week Treat style, everything here costs under £5! Purses at the ready, let's go Christmas shopping...

Barry M Nail Varnishes
Whilst I'd never try to buy anybody something as personal as a lipstick (far too many different factors to consider!), nail varnishes make perfect stocking fillers. You don't need to consider which colours suit different skin tones, as most of the time anything goes, and nail varnish is so accessible that most people love to receive it. If I know someone's a fan of a particular colour, I might splash out on a luxury brand, but most of the time I'll just pick out something fun-looking from Barry M. At £3.99 each, I think the formulation is great value for money, and does not chip as quickly as other budget brands. At the moment, if you spend over £6 on Barry M products in Boots, you get a free nail varnish, which is a great offer to take advantage of. Being Christmas, I chose a couple of glittery ones (naturally), and treated myself to this incredible blue colour. From left to right: Starlight, Blue Grape, and Atlantis.

Dorothy Perkins Jewellery
I think the jewellery range at Dorothy Perkins is really underrated - they have some lust-worthy jewels which look a lot more expensive than they are. At the moment, they have a lot of offerings under the £5 mark too - I particularly love these elegant charm necklaces. A friend of mine recently had her ears pierced, so I am helping her build up her earring collection. This pair of snowflake earrings cost £3 (I can't find them on the website), and I like how subtly festive they are. You'd be able to wear them throughout winter too, and not just during December, which is a definite plus. I am also in love with the packaging - so cute!

Mini Selection Boxes
This time of the year, everyone gets overloaded with food of all sorts, and yet I still like to give a little something edible with my gifts. Making something from scratch is not always possible this time of year, so instead this year I turned to shop bought alternatives. These mini versions of selection boxes caught my eye, mostly because I found the smaller size adorable. They aren't too full that people will be sick of them before they reach the bottom, but they still have enough variety in them so that people can pick out their favourites. These are from Wilkos, where they have a wide variety of mini selection boxes - everything from Celebrations, Roses, and Guylian, all in the £1 range. So good that you're bound to pick up a box for yourself too!

Embossed Notebook
I like to throw in something a little practical in my gift packages, and notebooks are something that everyone uses. Lovely notebooks are not something which are hard to find, so I actually had to limit myself to only buying what I needed. These embossed notebooks are from The Works, and come in a variety of colours and patterns. At £1.99, they feel sturdy enough to survive being carried about anywhere, and are a size which is small enough to slip into your handbag, yet still big enough to write easily in. I had to resist picking up a couple of these for myself, and in fact I might even get one the next time I pop into the Works (I can never leave without buying something!).

All that remains is to wrap your gifts up, before placing in the stocking of your choice! If you've got any tips on shopping for stocking fillers, I'd love to hear them!

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