Friday 31 October 2014

What I'm Loving: October 2014

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Let's just take a ten minute break from carving pumpkins, applying spooky make up, watching scary movies, having a quiet evening in, or whatever else it is you're doing this Halloween night, and let me tell you about everything October.

What I've Been Up To
This month, I finally started working towards getting a degree. After a three year break from study, it feels good to start studying again, and although I'm still in the process of balancing everything that I've got going on, I am really enjoying it so far. I put some time aside for a fleeting visit to Anglesey with my family this week, and we spent most of our time (due to the weather) café hopping. It was a very relaxing few days, and has left me feeling recharged.

What I've Been Wearing
My mum knitted me this gorgeous aran cabled jumper a few years ago, and it comes out of my wardrobe every winter. It is seriously snuggly, and perfect for both lazing about at home, and for nipping down to costa. Super Jumper - 1, Winter - 0. It's perfectly oversized, so looks best when teamed with skinny jeans, or when worn over a short dress and tights. Hopefully, it'll see me through several more winters yet.

I feel like this blog's sole purpose is to wax lyrical about this mohair checked scarf. Seriously, I think I've already mentioned it 64929474 times. The colours are a perfect match for my wardrobe, and it looks great with denim. It's such a hardworking piece, that when the cooler weather sets in, you'll find me wearing it on a daily basis. Yes, there are other scarves, but this is THE ONE. That is all.

Cut out brogues are everywhere at the minute, so I was unbelievably fortunate to find this pair in a charity shop. Whilst I can no longer get away with wearing loafers, I'm still wearing these without socks, so they are great for those inbetweeny days. Whilst this delightfully grannyish pair cost me less than a fiver, there are some pretty fabulous versions on the high street too. I love the look of this pair, although if you're clever I'm sure you could cut an old pair up yourself.

What I've Been Reading
After a pretty heavy reading list, both through choice (The Lord of The Flies), and through necessity (Dr Faustus), I have dedicated the past few weeks to binge reading Agatha Christie novels. Whilst they are a really easy read, I love reading them, and this time around even revisited a few that I had read before. I surprised myself with what I had forgotten, especially when it came to reading Halloween Party (no time like the present for reading this, non?). I'm also halfway through Cider With Rosie, by Laurie Lee, which I am also really enjoying. It's a heart warming and light hearted account of Lee's early years, and an interesting insight into life after the First World War.

What I've Been Watching
I only recently discovered this amazing TED talk on Youtube, and I love the idea behind it. If any TED talk has the ability to change your life on a day to day basis, this could be the one.
This cover of a Lana Del Rey song sends shivers up my spine every time I watch it. Incredible.
Grantchester on ITV is my perfect viewing on cold, dark evenings. It's easy enough watching that I can do something else whilst watching it, which makes it great crafting telly.

I'd love to hear what your October favourites are!

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