Wednesday 8 October 2014

Projects in Planning #1

October Planning Projects

The weather has dramatically changed, and all thoughts of whipping up a matching top and shorts set have been firmly replaced with an urgent need for knitwear and warmth. There are a few items I'd like to make in the coming months, and so let me introduce a new feature over here on Awake + Make where I talk about ideas and plans for upcoming projects. Because sometimes it's not all about the end result.

A Pair of Fingerless Gloves
I am a huge fan of quick, easy projects, and fingerless gloves are the perfect item to knit up whilst snuggling up in bed with a new box-set (hurray for no shaping!). As such, I like to make myself a new pair for each winter. Last month I started working on a bright blue mohair pair, and I think I'll be hurrying to finish them ASAP. With this pair, I went for a very simple design - no cabling, shaping, or intarsia, and am simply embroidering a pattern over stocking stitch. When this pair's complete, I'll maybe set to work on a longer pair, for the extreme cold weather (let's not lie, it's going to happen).

Cut Out Jeans
More of an alteration than a complete project, but this is something I've been thinking of doing for a long time. This summer more than ever, I embraced bare legs, and the thought of wearing tights again makes me feel miserable. Ripped jeans are everywhere again, and whilst I love the look on other people (especially the combination of both jeans and bare legs), unfortunately ripped jeans are simply not "me". I am in no way rock and roll/effortlessly cool enough to pull them off, so I've been thinking of an alternative. I'll be keeping you posted with my progress on this one.

Layered Sheer Skirt
Way back a few months ago, I became obsessed with a skirt featured in a fashion spread in Oh Comely. Said skirt featured a lace under layer, with a silk voile overlay, and was simply divine. Probably not the most sensible skirt of choice come winter, but the editorial styled it in such a way that made it work with chunky boots and oversized coats. Me being me, I thought that it looked like a rather simple piece to make - silk voile, lace, a cotton underskirt, and a zipper would be the basics needed. However, I then decided to complicate things. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could crochet little flower motifs, and sew them together to form the lace layer of the skirt? And here I am, a few months later, finally embarking on this rather bonkers project. How many motifs will I need? 200? 500? 4604593? I don't know. How many have I currently made? 14. Fourteen. Whichever way I say it, it sounds pathetic. I'm still persevering however, because the thought of that skirt is forcing me onwards. Wish me luck.

A Fluffy Jumper
In a recent remnant sale, I picked up a piece of fluffy heaven. When I took the remnant to the counter, the sales lady told me about her sister/niece/cousin, who had used this exact same fabric to make some delightful cushions. I nodded along with this story, whilst thinking how dull. Cushions? Fabric like this deserves more. My immediate thoughts were that it would make a perfect fluffy sweatshirt, because sometimes everyone just needs a jumper that feels like a blanket. The remnant isn't big enough to make a whole sweatshirt with, so the plan is to have a fluffy body, with contrasting denim sleeves. Because when in doubt - DENIM.

50's Cocktail Dress
This one's more like a fantasy than a plan at the moment, but bear with me. A couple of weeks ago, my lovely friend Sandra gifted me an amazing selection of vintage fabrics. Included was this utterly swoon worthy, green embroidered silk. At first, I was so in awe of it that I had no idea what I might do with it, in order to get the best from the fabric. Then I remembered a certain vintage sewing pattern I had bought a few months or so ago. Le Roy 597 is the epitomical 50s cocktail dress - high neck, low back, with a super voluminous skirt. It looks to be beyond my current sewing capabilities, but paired with this fabric, wouldn't it be the perfect party season dress? I doubt I'll get round to this anytime soon, but I'll keep on dreaming.

Crochet Flower Motifs

We'll see whether these plans are followed up in the few following months, so watch this space. In the meantime however, I'm ready to snuggle up on the sofa, and watch the Bake Off final. Whilst crocheting flower motifs like a woman possessed, obviously.

Have you got any projects planned for the upcoming months?


  1. These are all so amazing. You're amazing! Love your little flowers :o)

    1. Thanks Lil! I have a feeling I will be sick of the sight of them towards the end though... :-)