Sunday 31 August 2014

What I'm Loving: August 2014

Country walks

The end of August usually signifies the end of summer, even for those of us who aren't really affected by the whole "back to school" vibe in the air. This year is no different, although I have to say I'm actually really looking forward to Autumn - jumpers, layering, and exciting new ventures. Here's what I've been up to in August...

The past few weeks have been perfect for going on lovely country walks - not too warm, but certainly not too wet either, and it's something that I've really been enjoying. I live in an area which is ridiculously close to some amazing countryside, and yet I always take it for granted, so it's been really nice to get out there and appreciate it with amazing people. I've gotten into the habit of taking my camera along with me as well - most of the time it's only used to take fun, silly photos, but it's also a great way of gathering a little more experience of taking photographs. Alongside photos of stunning scenery are also random photos - like this one of my feet. FYI, the walking boots I'm wearing are my Mum's, but they co-odinated too well with my bag and scarf to not wear them. I may have to steal them.

Black fedora fringe

What I'm Wearing
I've been on the lookout for a classic black fedora for a long, long time now, waiting for the perfect one to turn up. I finally bought this one from H&M, and if you're looking for a fedora too, then I cannot recommend H&M enough - they have such a wide choice of felt hats at the moment, from floppy sun hats, to fedoras, and pork pie hats. They have so much variety, that you'll struggle to buy just one! This hat has added another dimension to casual dressing - I can simply wear a really basic outfit (like a grey marl tee or a denim shirt with skinny jeans), and putting this hat on makes me feel instantly polished. Hoorah for lazy dressing!

In other head related news, I got my fringe cut back in again last week. I was really unsure if it was the right decision (I was thinking of growing it out), but I couldn't be happier. Instead of the full fringe I'd had previously, I asked for a thinner, choppier fringe (I may have pinned a ridiculous amount of Suki Waterhouse photos on Pinterest). I really love how versatile it is, and especially how it is a little easier to maintain than a full fringe. A big plus is being able to see past my fringe again, at long last.

Letters of Note Shaun Usher

What I'm Reading
At the museum I volunteer at, I've been involved with a fascinating research project which concentrates on transcribing personal letters from World War Two. I've become so invested in this set of letters - it is such a personal and touching account of a person's life, as well as society at the time. Having enjoyed transcribing these letters so much, I knew that when I saw Letters of Note, I would fall in love with it. Letters of Note compiles some of the most interesting letters throughout History (the oldest being from Leonardo Da Vinci). Instead of being arranged in a chronological order, the letters are arranged more randomly, and it makes for great reading, as you don't know what kind of letter is waiting on the next page.

 As with the letters I've been transcribing, Letters of Note invokes such a range of emotions, that you're bound to find one which resonates with you. My personal favourites are a letter from Groucho Marx to Woody Allen, a letter from fans of Elvis Presley concerning his induction into the army, and a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald from his wife. This is a perfect coffee table book - ideal for flicking through and reading a couple of letters at a leisurely pace.

I also bought The Letters Of Vincent Van Gogh recently, and can't wait to get stuck into it. I believe most of the letters are from Van Gogh to his brother Theo, and should make for fascinating reading.

What I'm Listening to
Podcasts are something I used to listen to more regularly than I do now, but I finally got around to listening to Welcome to Nightvale, and I am hooked. A twice monthly fiction concerning a small town in the middle of the desert, it has to be one of the most surreal things I've discovered. There is something eerie and very mysterious about the events in Nightvale, and I particularly love the black humour throughout.

Do you have any favourites from August?


  1. I've been meaning to read Letters of Note for a while, it sounds fascinating! I've been loving going on walks too, it's so nice to get out into the countryside!


    1. I really recommend Letters of Note Gemma, it's a lovely book to flick through!