Saturday 14 June 2014

Packing For A Mini Break

I'm heading away for a couple of days, to destination unknown (it's a surprise!). We all know that there are no rules when it comes to packing, but I just thought I'd share what I'm taking, as well as some personal packing habits I like to stick to.

As I'm not going to be away for very long, I'm keeping toiletries at a minimum. I'm taking my make-up basics - BB Cream, mascara, eye liner pen, eyebrow pencil, and a lipstick that suits all occasions. I won't be bothering with taking bottles of cleanser and cotton wool with me, simply opting for some make-up removal wipes instead. As much as I love perfume, carrying around a large, breakable bottle of it is simply not going to happen. My alternative is this scented body lotion, which smells just as lovely, will not smash open, and doubles as a moisturiser. Captivating by Ghost is my signature scent, I love how fresh and subtle it is. I'll be keeping all my toiletries in this adorable little cat purse, a gift from a lovely friend who accepts my crazy cat lady ways.

My hair care routine is pretty low maintenance, but even so, the prospect of being without straighteners can be pretty daunting. I'll be taking several elastic hair ties and kirby pins - I can always result to sticking my hair up into a messy updo. When on holiday, dry shampoo is an absolute saviour. As I leave heavy items like my hair-dryer and straighteners at home, keeping my naturally thick and frizzy hair under control can be hard. Dry shampoo seems to work wonders though, and as a bonus makes my hair really voluminous. The brunette one by Batiste is my go to, although Superdrug's own brand does the job just as well.

Packing clothes is always something that can take some serious thinking out. I always think it's best to pack a few key items that go together and can be interchangeable. I always like to plan out my travelling outfit too, as when travelling practicality is key. I'll be wearing a simple grey marl t-shirt with skinny jeans and brogues, and I've packed a simple a-line dress, tights, and a spare t-shirt. Normally I'd pack a spare pair of shoes, but on this trip I'm just sticking to my brogues all weekend. They work with everything, and are super comfy. I never pack jewellery, simply wearing some jewellery with my travelling outfit which I can wear again and again for a few days. Another rule I stick to is never to take any jewellery that is too precious with me (sentimental or otherwise). This watch is ideal, it is an inexpensive piece that if lost, can be easily (and cheaply) replaced.

I'll be back soon, but have some posts scheduled in the meantime. Do you have any packing tips?


  1. I'm terrible at packing - I always end up taking way too much stuff! My tip would be that you never need as much as you think you do, but you sound like you've got your packing sorted! Hope you have a good trip :)


    1. Thanks Gemma - I used to be the same, until I realised it was actually a lot easier to pack less in the long run.

  2. I love that cat purse, it's so adorable! I've mastered packing light, I think.