Tuesday 29 October 2013

How to: Dolls House Furniture Jewellery

I love teeny - tiny stuff. It makes me go squee inside! So whenever I come across some dolls house furniture I'm always thinking how I can use it. Although sometimes I just buy dolls house furniture and put it on my shelf to lift my day!

This teeny tiny typewriter and clock were mere pennies from a local garden centre. I saw them and they screamed "BROOCHES" at me. This is a bit of a no-brainer: it just involves cute objects, brooch backs and glue. But hey, easy cute projects are the BEST, right?

Simply glue the brooch back onto the reverse of your dolls house accessory. I find this works best if you place the brooch near the top of the item (and your item is flat-backed, of course).

Ta Da! Simples, as a certain annoying meerkat would say. Any other ideas on what to do with dolls house furniture? Besides using it as it was intended, of course!

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