Thursday 10 October 2013

Hamming up your Hats - Pork Pie/ Bowler Hat

Today was the first day that it DEFINITELY felt like the weather had turned. There was a cold nip in the air that just made me want to snuggle up in huge fluffy cardigans and sit by the fire all day. Weather like this starts to make me look at my winter wardrobe to check if I have everything I need for the months ahead, or if there are any pieces I need to start looking for. Hats are a big part of my winter wardrobe - they're nice and cosy - but I don't have dozens and dozens of them. Instead, I look for ways to make each hat work a bit harder. Here are a few ways I like to customise my hats!

Here's my hat before I've hammed it up. It's a navy pork pie hat, and most of the time, I wear it just as it is, but there are times when I just like to add a little extra pizzaz to it.

1. Put some fake flowers in the brim. This is a bit more of a summery look, but if you chose some smaller more discreet flowers, I think you could also get away with this in winter. It would look fab for festivals in the summer too.

2. Pin a brooch to the side. This is quite a simple and subtle think to do, but it can just help to add a little more coordination to an outfit sometimes. This is a brooch I made from an Air Mail stamp, which I glued onto a thick piece of card, and then attached a brooch to the back.

3. Pin or tie a ribbon around the base. I like texturised ribbon the best - this ones nice and lacy - to add a bit of interest to an outfit. You could be more daring and choose a clashing coloured ribbon to tie around your hat (neon would look particularly cool).

Any ways you like to ham up your hats? How are you keeping warm this winter?

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