Tuesday 16 December 2014

3 Ways to Wrap and Package Handmade Gifts

If you've got any handmaking of gifts to do, hopefully you're well on your way. I've still got a couple I need to finish off, but fingers crossed, it should be all under control. One thing I always find tricky about giving handmade gifts, is knowing how to package and wrap them. Shop bought items only require wrapping paper at the most (hurrah for in store gift wrapping services!), so when faced with something you've created yourself, packaging can be puzzling to say the least. Today I'm sharing three different ways I wrap or package handmade gifts, to hopefully give you some inspiration.


I love picking up vintage charms whenever I'm shopping - they are so quirky, and a lot more individual than any I've seen in bead shops. They are great for whipping up unique necklaces/bracelets/earrings for gifts, although I have to admit that handmade jewellery is something I've always found hard to package up. In a box? In tissue paper? I was puzzled, until I had a major breakthrough: vintage playing cards. Playing cards with letters on are perfect (look out for packs of Lexicon), as it further personalises your gift. I simply use a hole punch on each card before threading the jewellery through. You can further secure the jewellery in place with washi tape, and write a personal message on the back of the card for an individual finish.


Come Christmas, I love giving hand-knits as gifts. Hopefully these are items that will be enjoyed in the following few months of winter, even if the weather is less than enjoyable. Shop bought knits usually come with an abundance of tags, but this simply isn't achievable for me. Instead, I use ribbon to tie around hats, mittens, and gloves, to keep them together and give them that festive feeling. You could apply this to larger knits too, if you're giving a very lucky someone a jumper. Look out for patterned ribbon - some with a suitably festive print would be perfect for this.

The Tricky to Wrap Gift

We've all been there - bought or made something which is a perfect gift for someone, only to be stumped when it comes to wrapping it. This applies to both handmade and shop bought gifts, and for me it is definitely more fragile items that I find trickier to wrap. The solution? Put it in a gift box the right size, before getting creative with your wrapping. Fabric wrapping is becoming increasingly popular, and I can see why - extra presents, and less waste. Spare pieces of fabric are ideal for this, although you can also use lightweight scarves. Tie the fabric in place with string, or pin in place with a brooch, and you'll soon find yourself wanting to do this for all your presents.

As it comes towards the countdown towards the big day itself, I'll hopefully be getting finished with buying, making, and wrapping presents. I'm pretty sure you'll still find me panic buying on Christmas Eve though! If you've got any tips for wrapping handmade gifts, I'd love to hear them!

Note: No presents featured here are gifts for friends and family - I'm not ruining the surprise!


  1. These are lovely ideas :) I especially like the vintage playing cards!


    1. Thanks Gemma! I hoard too many playing cards, so this is a great way of actually using them!

  2. Such a good idea, and I love wrapping up. I find is so enjoyable for some reason!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I love wrapping presents too Annabel - I find it really satisfying!