Monday 14 April 2014

Thrifty Finds

Thrifty Second Hand Haul

Second hand shopping can be a little like a desert, and recently I've been trekking through a dry patch. When you're an experienced cheapskate second hand shopper, you learn not to let this get you down, because probability states that you are going to find something amazing really soon. The thrifty Gods were smiling down on me this week, as I came away with some particularly lovely things.

Hard Times Charles Dickens Keats Poetry

I have a little bit of a book habit. And when I say little I mean that I should really consider starting my own library. As much as I love reading, I still manage to buy more books than I can keep up with - isn't this every bookworm's problem?

Whenever I read Dickens I always thoroughly enjoy it, so I want to get back into reading more of his works. The main issue is that I find his works sometimes take a while to get into, rather than something that grabs me and pulls me in straight away. Although it can be hard work to begin with, Dickens is always very rewarding to finish, as his skill with plot always comes through at the end. I picked up this charming copy of Hard Times to inspire me to read more Dickens, although I think the next one I will read will probably be Bleak House. I remember watching the TV series and loving it - I've now waited long enough to forget what actually happened, so I'm looking forward to reading it. Doesn't Charles Dance die?

I've never studied any Keats, so I feel like I've missed out a little. I don't even know that much about the man himself, but being a fan of poetry, I picked up this lovely anthology of his poems to slowly digest over time. Any particular Keats poems anybody recommends? There was also a Tennyson anthology in the same style which I didn't buy, because I already have a collection of his works, and as much as I love his poetry, I think one Tennyson anthology is enough for anybody, amirite?

Advanced French For Exceptional Cats

Advanced French For Exceptional Cats

This little book really appealed to my rather silly sense of humour. Advanced French For Exceptional Cats is essentially humorous cat cartoons with captions in both English and French, and I think is meant to be a cat's guide to learning French. I don't think it's that old of a book, being published in the 90s, but it tickled me. I suppose this is how people laughed at funny cats before the internet and Lolcats.

Thrifty Simple Gold Bracelets

I picked up these bracelets thinking that they would definitely be useful in a future jewellery making session. However, I have actually decided that I like them just as they are, as they look really delicate and sophisticated when worn together. I don't know whether their original owner donated them together, or if they are three separate bracelets that just happen to fit together so well. They have a luxe, but laid back feel, and can be worn with pretty much any outfit.

Thrifty Black Loafer Slippers

These loafer/slippers (sloafers?) cost me a ludicrous £2. Although I don't really need shoes, I couldn't let these ones slip me by as they are a typically 'me' pair. They cleaned up very well, despite being a velvety suede fabric and they fit comfortably, which is important in flat shoes. They are black, so will go with everything, but I will be wearing mine with ankle grazing trousers and a plain t-shirt, for a simple but smart look. And for £2, I will probably wear them until they break!

What has been your best bargain lately? Where is your favourite destination for second hand shopping?

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