Saturday 5 April 2014

A Trip To The Colinette Mill

If you're a fan of everything knitting, then you've probably heard of Colinette Yarns - a luxury wool and yarn brand well known for their soft, cosy wool, modern textures and colours that make you swoon. What I didn't know was that the headquarters for Colinette are not too far from where I live, and that they have a shop bursting with their yarns on site. I knew that I had to go and see where all the woolly action takes place.

Colinette Yarns Mill Shop Tour

After a drive through some of the prettiest Welsh countryside I've seen in a long time (even in the pouring rain), I arrived at the Colinette Mill. It looks pretty unassuming from the outside, but trust me, inside is yarn heaven.

Colinette Yarns

Colinette Yarns
Can I have it all, please?
Inside is the largest selection of wool I might have ever seen - if you're looking for a specialist yarn, you're bound to come across something here. From cottons to mohairs, double knitting to the super chunkiest wool ever, everything you might ever need is all under one roof (including patterns and equipment). There is also a whole room dedicated to sale items - 100g of wool for £5, which for the quality of the wool is quite a bargain.

Colinette Yarns Wool Tops
If possible, it's even fluffier than it looks
I've never tried felting, but the extensive collection of wool tops in the store definitely made me want to try. I've never seen wool tops in such a variety of colours - and variegated too. Although, if I'm honest, I'd be perfectly happy just buying some Merino Wool Tops just to get it out and stroke it every now and again. So soft!

Colinette Yarns Project Kits

Colinette Yarns Project Kits

Colinette Yarns Project Kits

Scattered throughout the shop were items that had been made from the kits that Colinette also sell. I particularly love these cushions - they are simply embroidery onto canvas, but using Colinette's gorgeous variegated yarns. These would be perfect to add a touch of pizzazz to a plain room.

Colinette Yarns
I need a jumper in this wool, like, pronto.
I think I'll definitely be back the next time I need to buy some wool before a big project, but it's also just the trip I needed for some knitting inspiration. Even though it's Spring (well, barely), I feel like knitting a ludicrous amount of jumpers. Maybe I'll get one finished in time for next Winter?

The Best Rocky Road Ever

On the way home, I stopped off at a garden centre for a quick tea break. It's no day out without a cake stop, right? This utterly uh-may-zing rocky road had Snickers in the middle. Snickers. It was so yummy, I might have to try something similar myself.

Where is your favourite place to buy wool?

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