Saturday 11 January 2014

60s Style Dress Inspiration

I came across this amazing fabric in a second hand shop yesterday, and I'm still absolutely smitten with it. Why would anyone want to throw it away? Well, more fool them because now it's all mine.

The bright colours (brighter in real life) and fun print made me think of the 60s, and I've got my heart set on sewing myself a 60s style dress. Or maybe even a high-waisted mini skirt. Here are some pictures that I might be using for inspiration.


I think this shape would be quite an easy shape to sew, and I love the pockets on the front.

This neck shape is pretty much perfect in my eyes, and that checked fabric is lovely.
I love the high-waisted, A-line shape of these skirts, and think the bright pattern wouldn't be overkill when just on a skirt.

Any thoughts on what I could do with this fabric?

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