Friday 3 April 2015

Thrifted Finds - 2

Blanket, Cereal, Astrology Book, Map

Gosh - I didn't realise it had been two months since my last post on what I've been buying second hand! It's crazy how time flies when you're busy rummaging through charity shops having fun, isn't it? Actually, these posts are some of my favourite posts to put together, regardless of how often I do them. So, without further ado, here's some of my favourite recent finds...

This colourful checked blanket has already made several appearances on my instagram, and in photos I've taken for other blog posts. I'm really liking the fact that it makes a really jazzy addition to my usually plainer background shots, and it adds some brighter colours into my bedroom.. Also I love how it looks like Elmer the Elephant (that may have been my main reason for buying it!). It cost me £3 from The League of Friends, a regular haunt of mine. Seeing as how I'm the kind of person who still takes a hot water bottle to bed well into April, this blanket is set to get some serious use (no more cold feet!).

What with the eclipse a couple of weeks ago, this copy of Norton's Star Atlas seemed a rather timely buy. Despite always having wanted to know more about astronomy, it's something I've never really made an effort to get into. This "Star Atlas" has maps of the sky, with all the stars marked out so you can find constellations (a little complicated to look at, but stunning nonetheless). At £1.50, this makes a great quirky coffee table book.

So, old maps had their day a couple of years ago, I know. But whenever I find one featuring a few local places, or places that I know, I can't help but pick it up. This one of Anglesey has me dreaming of warmer weather and hidden beaches. It's quite large, and in fairly good condition, so would look great in a big frame.

Fan Necklace Buckle Ring

I love picking up costume jewellery second hand, as you often find really unique pieces. The brass fan necklace was a mere £2, and is a complete joy in that it folds and unfolds like a real paper fan. The belt buckle ring was an unbelievable 20p (what else can you buy just for 20p?), and whilst it is definitely not the best made of items, it is just so much fun, and looks great with a stack of other rings.

Hobbs floral wrap dress

As a rule, I'm not normally a big fan of wrap dresses - for me, there's just something a little too twee about them (sorry, K-Mid!). However, when one comes across a floral Hobbs dress for £2.99, one does not simply leave it there. And after trying it on, I'm actually considering myself a bit of a convert to wrap dresses. I think the design of this one certainly helps to modernise it - the oriental floral pattern, the ruched sleeves, and the deep burgundy colour all make this one of the most versatile dresses I own, and I can't wait to wear it sans tights in warmer weather.

Have you come across any second hand gems lately?

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